Cornel L Levy

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Management and Technology
Worldwide College of Business
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By Phone (2 pm-5pm EST, Monday & 8 pm - 9 pm Saturdays.  Other times are by appointments

Areas of Expertise

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Course Development

My name is Cornel Livingstone Levy, I have worked for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) for the last 18.5 years.   A significant part of my duties at HPE involved teaching fellow employees how to protect their Personal Identifiable Information (PII).  The lessons were mainly focused on the way to enhance the continuity of HPE’s business.  My corporate teaching experience spans two years at HPE where the concentration of my lessons were on Information Security with a strong focus on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. I currently teach online at ERAU and ECPI universities where the focus is on Information Security. 


1997 - BS in Information Technology from New York University (Sterns)

2012 - Master of Science Information Assurance (MSIA) from Norwich University

2016 - Ph.D. in Information Technology from Capella University.


I have two beautiful children (Brandon, 18; and Courtney, 21). 

I am an avid soccer fan both on and off the field.  I play competitively on Monday nights and practice on Saturdays (weekend warrior).  The love of this game forces me to participate and this keeps me mentally and physically fit.  Even though I love soccer and would play every chance I get, my true passion is academia coupled with philanthropy.  I have founded a nonprofit organization (ConnectJA, Inc.) that does fundraising to buy educational equipment for disadvantaged schools in Jamaica.  I truly believe that through  giving, one can have a positive impact the lives of children in Third World countries. 

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

As an Information Assurance Instructor, I believe my role is a facilitator to help understand new concepts in the information assurance business field.  I provide a learning environment that fosters interaction among students through discussions and online forums.  It is here that the students get to know their classmates and share their views and world experiences to one another.  I am highly dedicated to integrating technology into the classroom learning experience.  This is turn increase the marketability skills of our students in the business environment. Bringing the real world into the classroom allows to relate business theories and concepts to current global developments and technological innovations. 

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology, Capella University
  • M.S. - Master of Science in Information Assurance, Norwich University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business
  • A.A.S. - Associate of Applied Science in Business (Computer Applications), New York University

  • MISA 532: Intgd Threat Warning Attk EIS
  • MCMP 510: The Practice of Cybersecurity

MISA501 – Assured Business Systems
MISA506 – Cyber Law, Compli, & Info Asur
MCMP650 – Emerging Topics in Cybersecurity

I have worked for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise for 18.5 years.  I have worked on the largest government or DoD project (NMCI now NGEN).  I have worn the hat of a Business Continuity and Disaster Rep as well as various leadership role such as site manager and PoP Manager.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon