Dongeun Seo

Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Department
Daytona College of Engineering
Daytona Beach campus

Dr. Dongeun Seo graduated University of Texas at Austin for his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. He holds both bachelors and masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. 

He served as a researcher/research assistant for various projects on satellite controller design from NASA and Air Force.

His research interests are nonlinear system dynamics, estimation, stochastic dynamics and control, and nonlinear control theory.

Currently, his work is focused on the performance improvement of the conventional adaptive control method and the development of the attitude actuator for the small satellites.

Applications include satellite formation, UAV/UUV control, and flow field control systems.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas System : Austin

Recent research

Seo, D. & Lee, Y. "Attitude Control Actuator Design with Magnetorheological Fluid Rings," American Astronautical Society Annual Flight Mechanics Meeting, 2016

Seo, D. "Robust Modification to Fast Adaptive Attitude Tracking Control with External Disturbances," Conference on Decision and Control, IEEE, 2015

Seo, D. "Adaptive attitude tracking control with parameter identification by shaping invariant manifold," American Control Conference, 2015, IEEE, 2015, 1555-1560

Seo, D. "Fast adaptive pose tracking control for satellites via dual quaternion upon non-certainty equivalence principle," Acta Astronautica , 2015, 115, 32 - 39