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Dr. Jason Newcomer, U.S. Air Force, is the Director of Operations, 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron, Hill Air Force Base, UT. He oversees the operations of two flights, including three geographically separated units in New York, Washington, and Alaska. He supports nine major radar evaluation and special purpose programs encompassing 480 air defense, air surveillance, and counter-narcotic radar sensors worldwide value at $11B. Additionally, he facilitates the evaluation of the impacts from large-scale wind turbine farms and other obstructions to sustain Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Federal Aviation Administration radar coverage. He is a FAA certified air traffic controller, a USAF certified airfield manager, and a certified professional coach (CPC). He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration specializing in Leadership; a Master of Aeronautical Science specializing in Space Studies and Aerospace Operations; and a Master of Military Operational Art and Science.

  • D.B.A. - Doctor of Business Administration in Business Administration, Walden University
  • M.A.S. - Master of Aeronautical Science in Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • M. - Master in Military Operational Art and Science, Air University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Profess Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • A.A.S. - Associate of Applied Science in Aircraft Systems Maintenance Technology, Community College of the Air Force

  • ASCI 691C: Graduate Capstone Course

B.S./M.S. in Aeronautics
ASCI 202 – Introduction to Aeronautical Science
ASCI 624 – Global Aviation Leadership (Course Developer & Monitor)
ASCI 691 – Aeronautics Capstone/Thesis

M.B.A. in Aviation
MBAA 641 – Public Leadership

M.S. in Management
MGMT / BUSW 500 – Business Foundations
MGMT 691 – Management Capstone/Thesis

M.S. in Leadership
MSLD 641 – Resonant Leadership: Leading Change
MSLD 642 – Leading Innovation
MSLD 690 – Leadership Capstone/Thesis

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Newcomer, J. M. (2013). The effectiveness of the United States Air Force developmental teams (Doctoral dissertation). Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 3602504)

06/2017 – Present   Director of Operations, Radar Evaluation, U.S. Air Force

01/2015 – Present  Board Vice Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, I Am Okah!, Inc

07/2016 – 6/2017   Leadership Development Student, Air Command & Staff College, U.S. Air Force

07/2014 – 7/2016  Deputy Director, Air Traffic Systems Logistics/Maintenance, U.S. Air Force

07/2013 – 7/2014  Branch Chief, Airfield Operations Strategic Planning, U.S. Air Force  

03/2012 – 7/2013   Branch Chief, Cyber Ops, National Security Agency/U.S. Cyber Command

09/2011 – 3/2012   Plans Officer, Cyber Warfare, National Security Agency/U.S. Cyber Command

11/2009 – 9/2011 Executive Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer, U.S. Air Force

01/2007 – 11/2009 Instructor & Course Director,  Air Traffic & Airport Management, U.S. Air Force

12/2004 – 1/2007 Operations Officer, Air Traffic & Airport Management, U.S. Air Force

05/2003 – 12/2004  Officer Trainee, Air Traffic & Airport Management, U.S. Air Force

07/1998 – 5/2003   Aircraft Mechanic, Boeing 747 Airframe, U.S. Air Force

05/2017 - Present | Journal of Leadership Studies (JLS) | Role: Board of Reviewers/Referee

11/2015 – Present | Air & Space Power Journal (ASPJ) | Role: Board of Reviewers/Referee

10/2015 – Present | Collegiate Aviation Review International (CaRi) | Role: Associate Editor

11/2014 – Present | International Journal of Aviation Management (IJAM) | Role: Board of Reviewers/Referee

02/2014 – Present | International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics, and Aerospace (IJAAA) | Role: Board of Reviewers/Referee

Strategic Air Command Museum. (2017, Jun). Research Excellent Award. Air Command and Staff College, Montgomery, AL. Study Title: The Elements of an Effective Squadron: An Air Force Organizational Study.

President of the United States. (2016, Dec). The Presidents Volunteer Service Award (Bronze). In recognition and appreciation for commitment to strengthening our nation and communities through volunteer service in education.

Walden University. (2015, Sep). Presidential Alumni Research Dissemination Award. Awarded for post- graduate presentation and/or publication of doctoral research.