Javier Santos-Perez

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Physical Sciences Department
Daytona College of Arts & Sciences
Daytona Beach campus

Areas of Expertise

Organic/Polymer Chemistry

Design, synthesis, and characterization of monomeric and macromolecular structures.

Development of organic materials for aerospace applications.

  • Molecular sensors
  • Organic aerogels
  • Photo-responsive materials
  • Highly thermally stable materials

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Clark Atlanta University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

  • Certificate - UF AEC Certficate in Teaching & Learning in Extension
  • Certificate - Teaching Science at University
  • Professional Certificate
  • Professional Certificate

Organic Chemistry

Molecular Spectroscopy

General Chemistry

Senior Scientist, NASA Glenn Research Center (Ohio Aerospace Institute)

  • Graphene Based Reversible Nano-Switch/Sensor Schottky Diode Device
    Patent No. US 9,016,108 B1
  • Polymer Nanofiber Based Reversible Nano-Switch/Sensor Schottky Device
    Patent No. 9,753,001 B1

Manager of Scientific Instrumentation, Molecular Sciences Research Center, UPR
               Core scientific instrumentation and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Professor of Chemistry, Ana G. Mendez University

  • Co-mentor, American Chemical Society Student Chapter
  • Member of the institutional biosafety committee
  • Member of the Student Retention Committee

American Chemical Society

Stanford Certified Project Manager
Stanford University