Jeffrey Ashworth

Professor Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Department
Prescott College of Engineering
Prescott campus

Jeff Ashworth was born in the mountains of central West Virginia.  He participated in nearly every athletic team available at high school and then attended West Virginia University.  Although he knew nothing about an aerospace engineer, he was determined enough to be one and attained both a Bachelors and Masters degree before being commissioned through AFROTC into the U.S. Air Force.  His Air Force assignments included:

  • Engineer – Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio
  • Navigator - C-141A, Travis AFB, CA
  •  F-4C/D/E Weapons Systems Officer (WSO)/Instructor (WSO)/Flight Examiner (WSO) – Homestead AFB, FL; Torrejon AB, Spain; Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea (ROC); Teague and Osan AB, ROC
  • Associate Professor of Aeronautics/T-43 Nav Instructor/T-37 Sim Instructor – U.S. Air Force Academy, CO
  • Ph.D. Program – Aerospace Engineering (Unsteady Aerodynamics), University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
  • Director of Science and Technology and Military Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Research and Engineering – Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

After retirement from the USAF, his desire to return to the west brought him to Prescott.  He came to ERAU in 1995 as the Chairman of the Aeronautical Science Department.  After serving the Campus as Interim Chancellor, Dean of Academics, and Dean of the College of Aviation, he now teaches in the Aerospace Engineering Department.  His passion for life and teaching makes every day exciting and rewarding.  When not at ERAU, you will find him riding his horses all over Arizona, hunting, fishing, camping, playing competitive pickleball, or just building something at his mini-ranch (3 acres) in Williamson Valley.

Related Experience and Areas of Research or Expertise:

Research:  Shrouded Propeller Aerodynamics, Transonic Aerodynamics, Unsteady Aerodynamics, Aircraft High Angle-of-Attack Performance, Racecar Aerodynamics, Slotted Wing Aerodynamics, Winglet Aerodynamics, Ground Effect Aerodynamics, and Practical Undergraduate Engineering Education.

Flight Test:  X-29 Future Applications Committee, Multi-Axis Thrust Vectoring (MATV) on F-16 Air-craft, and Variable In-Flight Stability (VISTA) Aircraft.

Ph.D. Dissertation Topic:  Experimental Unsteady Aerodynamics and High Angle of Attack Aircraft Maneuvering.

Flying:  F-4 Instructor and Evaluator Weapon Systems Officer (WSO) and Private Pilot Single Engine Land.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado System : Boulder

  • AE 420: Aircraft Preliminary Design
  • ES 201: Statics
  • UNIV 101: College Success
  • AE 317: A/C Flight Mechanics & Perform

UNIV 101, College Success

AS 309, Aerodynamics

AE 101, Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

AE 301, Aerodynamics I

AE 309, Experimental Aerodynamics

AE 317, Aircraft Flight Mechanics and Performance

AE 413, Airplane Stability and Control

AE 420, Aircraft Preliminary Design

AE 421, Aircraft Detail Design

AE 399, Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering

AE 499 Independent Study in Aerospace Engineering

ES 201, Statics

ES 413, Engineering Fundamentals Review

Jeffrey Ashworth, Ph.D. and William Crisler, Ph.D., “Flexible and Enduring Engineering Education Built on the Basics and Reinforced through Practical Problem Solution.”  2015 American Society for Engineering Education, ASEE Pacific Southwest Conference, National University Spectrum Campus, San Diego, CA, April 10-11, 2015. 

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Natalie Whitman, Robert Sparks, Suhayl Ali, and Jeff Ashworth, Ph.D., "Experimental Investigation of Slotted Airfoil Performance with Modified Slot Configurations," AIAA 2006-3481, 24th Applied Aerodynamics Conference, San Francisco, CA, June 5-8, 2006. (Conference Proceedings)

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Ashworth, J., Waltrip, M., and Luttges, M., “Three-Dimensional Unsteady Flow Fields Elicited by a Pitching Forward Swept Wing,” AIAA 86-1104, AIAA 4th Joint Fluid Mechanics, Plasma Dynamics, and Lasers Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, May 1986 (Referred paper and presentation)

“Circulation Control on a Shrouded Propeller,” thesis for partial fulfillment of the M.S. degree at West Virginia University, 1973

1995 - Present     Aeronautical Science Department Chair, Interim Chancellor and Dean of Academics, Dean of the College of Aviation, and Professor in the College of Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Campus

1992 - 1995          Military Assistant, Assistant Secretary of Air Force, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

1991 - 1992          Deputy for Science and Technology, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

1987 - 1991          Associate Professor, Department of Aeronautics, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO

1984 - 1987          Ph.D. Student, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

1983 - 1984          Chief, Air-to-Air Evaluation Branch, Tactical Fighter Wing, Osan and Taegu, Korea.

1981 - 1983          Instructor of Aeronautics, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO

1980 - 1981          F-4 Standardization and Evaluation Flight Examiner, Tactical Fighter Wing, Kunsan, Korea

1977 - 1980          F-4 WSO and Instructor WSO, Tactical Fighter Squadron, Torrejon, Spain

1976 - 1977          F-4 WSO Replacement Training Unit, Tactical Fighter Squadron, Homestead, FL

1975 - 1976          C-141 Navigator - Pacific Theatre, Military Airlift Squadron, Travis, CA

1974 - 1975          Undergraduate Navigator Training, Mather, CA

1973 - 1974          Laboratory Analytical Aircraft Aerodynamicist, A.F. Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Dayton, OH

Certificates or Professional Registrations:

Private Pilot – Single Engine Land

Current Membership in Professional Organizations:

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)

Sigma Gamma Tau National Honor Society

Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society

Honors & Awards

Squadron Top Gun WSO – Homestead AFB (1977) and Torrejon AB (1980)

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineer of the Year - Rocky Mountain Section (1987-88)

SGA Faculty of the Semester – Fall 2002

“Professor of the Year,” presented by the Honors Students Association

COE Outstanding Teacher of the Year, 2008-2009

Grand Consul Citation, presented by the National Sigma Chi Fraternity

Outstanding Chapter Advisor award from Fraternity and Sorority Life – 2012-2013 and 2013-2014

ERAU Service Excellence Award, April 2014