Jennifer Luke

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Areas of Expertise

General Psychology

Bio: My name is Jennifer Luke and I am excited to be your instructor for this term.

I am originally from North Carolina where I first earned a BA in Psychology from Queens University of Charlotte. I worked as a mental health aid while completing that degree. The individuals I worked with were mostly dual diagnosed with psychological and developmental disorders.  It was my job to help them move from an institutional setting to a residential setting. The stories I could share about being present during a Baker Act, to being in a real life padded room with plastic mirrors and paper sheets with a schizophrenic client who had a major mental break could fill up our entire discussion board.

After completing my undergraduate degree I moved to Florida to complete a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Stetson University. I did learn a lot from my time at Stetson to include some exciting classes such as Group Psychotherapy, Family Systems and Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling, but I wasn’t happy. I realized that I didn’t want to be “the Doc” on the couch listening to couples arguing over money, work, sex. . . . .or really arguing at all. I must emphasize that real counseling is not like Doctor Phil and legal and ethical guidelines prevent you from ever telling clients half the things he says on his program.

I left Stetson and began working as an academic advisor for ERAU Worldwide. I then enrolled in the MS in Human Factors at the Daytona Beach Campus. I enjoyed studying ergonomics and learning more about how psychology played an important part in aviation.  Psychology concepts involving human behavior, perception and cognition were being used in real life applications that didn’t involve therapy! I focused my research on cockpit relations (CRM) and social behaviors and situations that could affect safety in high risk environments. One of my best research proposals was entitled, “An Analysis of Authority and Obedience in Military Command Involving Aircraft Maintenance Safety Errors.” It proposed whole new spin on the Milgram Experiment (1963) which we you will learn about in the PSYC 350 class, in module 9, chapter 16.

Life got busy and when I was in my final class before my thesis my husband took a job promotion that moved us up to the panhandle of Florida. I sadly had to leave ERAU. The rural area we were in did not allot the resources I needed to complete a research thesis so I enrolled in Walden University’s MS in Psychology. Through distance learning I specialized in general psychology and finally completed my graduate degree. I became an adjunct psychology instructor for Gulf Coast State College and ERAU Tyndall Campus. I also held the rank of 2LT and Safety Officer for the Civil Air Patrol Tyndall Panama Composite Squadron. I was responsible for unit risk assessments and non-flight safety training and briefings.

In April 2011 my husband was offered a new employment opportunity which brought us back here to central Florida. We are now settled outside of Daytona Beach (for good!) and while my husband is learning the art of golf, I enjoy running, Kangoo and collecting vintage science fiction books.

Milgram, S. (1963). Behavioral study of obedience. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 67, 371-378.

  • M.S. - Master of Science in Psychology, Walden University

  • PSYC 220: Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 320, PSYC 220, PSYC 350

Women  in Aviation Speaker, International Conference, Orlando, Florida March 2017

UCF/ERAU Leadership Enhancement Development Program Graduate, March 2012
2nd Lt., Civil Air Patrol, Florida Wing, Safety Officer, 2010-2011
Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology
Kappa Delta

Florida Association of Community Colleges Adjunct member 2010