Jianhua Liu

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Program Coordinator for the M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical, Computer, Software & Systems Engr Dept
Daytona College of Engineering
Daytona Beach campus

Areas of Expertise

Digital signal processing, wireless communications, embedded systems, and avionics

Jianhua Liu the Ph.D. degree majoring in Electrical Engineering, minoring in Statistics, from University of Florida in 2004. He joined the faculty in August 2004 and currently is an Associate Professor.

At Embry-Riddle, Dr. Liu has been developing teaching expertise mainly in two areas: devices/circuits and signals/systems. In the first area, he has taught EE223 Linear Circuit I, EE302 Electronic Devices and Circuits, EE335 Electrical Engineering I, and ES 405 Electrical Engineering II; in the second area, has taught AE430 Control System Analysis and Design, CEC315 Signals and Systems, EE308 Introduction to Electrical Communications. In addition, he has taught many sections of independent study in the above two areas as well as topics related to student robotics competitions.

Dr. Liu's research interests fall in the following areas: wireless communications, signal processing, embedded systems, sensor networks, and avionics. He has published extensively in the above research areas, including 16 papers in IEEE transactions and other refereed international academic journals.

Recently, Dr. Liu is developing RC airplane building/flying skills, aiming at improving enrollments/retention, better serving students' projects advising, and preparing for research in the area of autopilot. And also because it is a lot of fun!

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical + Computer Engineering, University of Florida

  • CEC 320: Microprocessor Systems
  • CEC 322: Microprocessor Systems Lab
  • CEC 499: Special Topics in Comp Engr
  • CEC 690: Graduate Project