Assistant Professor, College of Business; Program Chair, MS in Management of Information Systems; Discipline Chair, Management of Information Systems
Department of Technology Management
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Management Information Systems, Information Technology Management & Strategy,  Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence, Research Methods, Curriculum Design.

Dr Leila Halawi is a tenured-track assistant professor in the department of Technology Management in the College of Business, Worldwide Campus. Dr Halawi serves as the MIS Discipline Chair, the program chair to the Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MMIS) program and Chair of the Research Committee.

She developed many of the courses within the MMIS program. She holds a Certification by Sloan C Consortium in Online Teaching, and a certificate from Quality Matters on Applying the QM Rubrics, (APPQMR). 

She is an advisory board member and a  reviewer for the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK), Mitre Corporation. She is a Reviewer for the Journal of Computer Information Systems (JCIS) and the International Association for computer information systems (IACIS) . She is also a program committee member and reviewer for the European Conference on Social Media, (ECSM), the European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM) and the International Conference on Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management (ICIKM), the Federated Conference on computer science and information systems (FEDCSIS). She is also part of the IT editorial board of  the multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching (MERLOT).

Her research has been published in the Journal of Computer Information Systems (JCIS), the Learning Organization Journal, the Journal of Business Education, the Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management (EJKM), the Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal (AIMSJ),Journal of International Technology and Information Management, Journal of Education for Business, Academy of Healthcare Management  Journal (AHCMJ) among others. She is frequently invited to present her research at national and international conferences.

Her current research interests include knowledge management, Business Intelligence, information systems success and strategy, and ethical impacts of information technology, promoting innovation, curriculum development and design, enterprise architecture and systems, big data and analytics. Her current research focus on develop a curriculum (DACUM), a semi-structured curriculum design concept that uses subject matter experts who understand industry needs as the basis of curriculum design. . The purpose of this research is to strengthen the research effort focused on bridging the gap between industry needs for an IT/IS/MIS workforce and university curricula. The ultimate goal is to begin the discussion on the importance of creating an industry-ready workforce by designing an industry-relevant IT/IS/MIS curriculum and encouraging the flow of information between industry and academia so academia can best serve its students and prepare them for industry. 

Dr Halawi lives in Clearwater, Florida and enjoys, traveling, swimming, publishing, and attending national and international conferences.

  • D.B.A. - Doctor of Business Administration in Business Administration, Nova Southeastern University
  • M.S. - Master of Science in Business, Beirut University College
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Business Studies/Management, Beirut University College

MMIS 501

MMIS 502

MMIS 521

MGMT 221

CSCI 109

MBA 521

All MMIS-Related Courses.

Primary Duties: 

Discipline Chair (MIS) & Program Chair M.S. in Management Information Systems  /Asst. Professor, College of Business, Worldwide Campus .

Book Chapters:

  • Turban, E, Aronson, J., Liang, T. & Sharda, R. (2007). Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence Systems, 8th Edition, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2007, Chapter 5 – Data Warehousing - contributing author.
  •  Turban, E , Aronson, J., Liang, T. & Sharda, R. (2008). Business Intelligence: A Managerial Approach, 1st Edition, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ,  Chapter 2- Data Warehousing – contributing author. 

A selected list of peer reviewed articles: 

  • Bieda, D. & Halawi, L. (2015). Cyberspace a venue for terrorism. Issues in Information Systems, 16 (3), 33-42.
  • Lotfy, M. & Halawi, L. (2015). A conceptual model to measure ERP user value. Issues in Information Systems, 16 (3), 54-63.
  • Lambert,T., McCarthy, R. & Halawi, L  (2013). A Cross sectional study of Agile Software Development and project management, Journal of Computer Science, Technology and Application, 2 (2), 1-8.
  • El Khali, R & Halawi, L (2013). Benchmarking Automotive Facility Layout, JPH and Overspeed. The Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal (AIMSJ), 16(2), 1-13.
  • Hejase, A,  Al Kaakour, R., Halawi, L. . Hejase, H (2013). Students Perceptions of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Process. International Journal of Social Science and Education, 3 (3), 565-575.
  • Edwards, J.& Halawi, L. (2011). Analysis of Variation in HIT Privacy & Security Laws. The Business Review, Cambridge, 18(1), 240-248.
  • Jones, C, McCarthy, R. & Halawi, L. (2010). Utilizing the Technology Acceptance Model to Assess the Employee Adoption of Information Systems Security Measures, Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 19 (2), 43-56.
  • Farah, J. & Halawi, L.(2010). Job Satisfaction as Perceived by Independent Physicians in Florida: An Empirical Investigation. Academy of Healthcare Management Journal (AHCMJ), 6 (1),  1-16.
  • Cane, S, McCarthy, R & Halawi, L (2010). Ready for Battle? A Phenomenological Study of Military Simulation Systems. Journal of Computer Information Systems, 50 (3), 33-40.
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  • Karkoulian, S, Halawi, L & McCarthy, R (2008). Knowledge management formal and informal mentoring: An Empirical Investigation in Lebanese Banks. The Learning Organization Journal, 15(5), 409-420.
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  • Halawi, L. Aronson, J & McCarthy, R. (2005).  Resource Based View of Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage. Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management (EJKM), 3(2), 75-86.

  • Member of ISACA 2016- present
  • Member of the Association for Information Systems, since 2002
  • Member of the International Association for Computer Information Systems, since 2005

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Research Competition 6th Place Team - $5000.
Halawi, L., Kappers, W., & Glassman, A. (2016, June). Information Systems (IS) and Information Security & Assurance (ISA) Curriculum Development and Design: A DACUM Approach. Award announced online via the ERAU portal.

Awarded the distinguished Research Award from the Academy of Health Care Management, Oct 15, 2009


  • Recognition for Excellence: Academic Program Oversight, ERAU Worldwide Online Education, June 22, 2017, Daytona Beach. Florida