Peter Hermes

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Graduate Studies
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1500-2100 MST (2200-0400 UTC)

I have been an aviation manager and pilot for over 40 years, working primary in general aviation as a flight instructor, charter pilot, and government pilot and federal law enforcement officer. I retired from government service at the end of September in 2012, having served over 25 years with the U S Customs Service, and later U S Customs and Border Protection within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Some key highlights of my career include operational management of the first application of an unmanned aerial vehicle in airborne law enforcement in the United States for the Customs Service, work in establishing guidelines and policy for the application of aviation resources for DHS, deriving requirements for the DHS' Secure Border Initiative, also known as the "virtual fence", and compiling a report for DHS that presented a first ever quantitative risk analysis of air domain gaps and deficiencies pertinent to overall aviation security in the U S. A few summers ago I returned to flying a bit more frequently, piloting a Beech Baron in support of wildfire fighting in the western U S. I have taught graduate courses in Aviation/Aerospace Human Factors and System Safety for Embry-Riddle online and in the classroom, served as committee member on a number of Graduate Capstone Projects, participated as a teaching assistant and teacher in ERAU's Human Factors and Aircraft Accident Investigation MOOCs, and have worked in course development and instructed at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. I am a licensed pilot and certificated flight instructor, having logged more than 12000 hours in over 40 different types of general aviation aircraft from single engine trainers up through light business jets and turboprops. I have been married for more than 36 years to my wife Carol (BFA, University of Michigan), have a son who graduated from Michigan (BA, Cinema Studies) and law school at Arizona State, and a daughter who graduated from USC (BA, Economics and BA, French) and is currently working on her masters in social work at San Jose State. In my spare time, which seems to diminish each new term, I officiate at track and field meets as a certified USA Track & Field masters level official, and turn into a couch potato during the college football season on football Saturdays.

  • M.A.S. - Master of Aeronautical Science in Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • M.A. - Master of Arts in Homeland Security, American Public University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Flight Technology, Western Michigan University

  • AGI - Advanced Ground Instructor
  • CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
  • ATP - Airline Transport Pilot

  • ASCI 604: Human Factors Avia/Aero Indus
  • SCTY 490: Aviation Security Capstone Crs

ASCI 604, Human Factors in Aviation/Aerospace Industry ASCI 611 Aviation/Aerospace System Safety ASCI690 Graduate Capstone Project

U S Customs Aviation. Air Beat [professional bi-monthly journal of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association], March/April 2002. Man, Machine & Mission: Operational risk management for aviators [two-part series]. Air Beat [professional bi-monthly journal of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association], September/October and November/December 2005.

Department of Homeland Security, US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) (formerly US Customs Service), Tucson Air Branch, P.O. Box 15009, DMAFB, Tucson, AZ 85708 Supervisory Air Interdiction Agent (Associate Field Director), January 15, 2000 to September 30, 2012. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Operations Coordination and Planning, Domains Section CBP Air & Maine Detailee, September 19, 2011  August 31, 2012. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Field Operations Academy, Acting Branch Chief, Air & Marine Basic Training, July  November 2008. Department of Homeland Security, US Customs & Border Protection, Secure Borders Initiative (SBInet) Program Management Office (PMO), Mission Engineering Division CBP Air & Maine Liaison, December 2006  November 2007. Department of Homeland Security, Border & Transportation Security (BTS) Directorate, Operations Staff, Aviation and Law Enforcement Liaison, May  December 2004. Department of Treasury, US Customs Service, Tucson Air Branch, P.O. Box 15009, DMAFB, Tucson, AZ 85708, Customs Pilot/Officer, March 29, 1987  January 14, 2000.