Peter Vosbury

Professor of Aeronautical Science
Aeronautical Science Department
Daytona College of Aviation
Daytona Beach campus

  • M.Ed. - Master of Education in Administration & Supervision, University of Central Florida
  • B.A. - Bachelor of Arts in Technical/Vocational Education, University of Central Florida

  • A&P - Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic

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Suspected Unapproved Parts - Riddle Alumni Magazine, 1998

Encyclopedia of Jet Aircraft and Engines - Jeppesen, 1991

Applied Science Supplemental Text - Riddle Press, 1990

Aviation Regulations Supplemental Text - Riddle Press, 1990

A Guide To Being Legal - Aviation Mechanic's Journal, 1988

Airworthiness Directives, Their Origin And Their Disposition - Aviation Mechanic's Journal, 1988

Borescopes, Rigid Versus Flexible - 1990

Technical Certification, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

F.A.A. A & P