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Areas of Expertise

Airline Management, Airport Security and Homeland Security

Dr. Stacey Tyler graduated from Walden University in Public Policy and Administration specialized in Homeland Security Coordination and Policy. Her professional capability includes airline management, both landside and airside in various airports around the country.

As a New Jersey Women-Owned Minority Business, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and Women Owned Small Business, Interactive Intelligence Corporation is dedicated to assisting policy makers, administrators, and airport and airline management with examining and preventing the exploitation of weaknesses in the current system, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in identifying and responding to emerging threats, and producing greater public satisfaction.

The truth as she knows it comes from having over 19 years of professional experience in the airline industry, starting as a Ticketing Agent to progressing in her as a General Manager for various airlines and vendor services, is that despite current best practices and policies, dangerous items and contraband continues to find its way past the screening areas of many airports and into the secure areas.

In addition, Dr. Stacey L. Tyler is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide where she facilitates a healthy online learning environment through classroom instruction that encourages open discussions and ensuring comprehension of the course material through assignments. She teaches the following online courses in College of Business~ MGMT 602­Air Carrier, Passenger, and Cargo Management, SCTY 430 Counterterrorism for Aviation, and BSAB 415 Airline Management. 

Dr. Stacey L. Tyler is an author of the Inside Man: Evaluating Security Communication Failures at a United States Airport-Rowman & Littlefield Publishing; Airport Security: Passenger Screening and Governance Post 9/11-Rose Dog Publishing; and Airport Security: Organizational Leadership and Change Post 9/11-Kindle Fire.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy and Administration, Walden University

  • MBAA 612: Air Carrier, Pass, &Cargo Mgmt

MBAA 612: Air Carrier, Passenger and Cargo Management

“Airport Security: Organizational Leadership and Change Post 9/11,” in Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle Edition, Amazon, Series 1, July 2014

“Airport Security: Passenger Screening and Governance Post 9/11,” in Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle Edition, Amazon, Series II Book 2, July 2014

“The Inside Man:  Evaluating Security Communication Failures at a United States Commercial Airport,” in

University Press of America, Rowman & Littlefield, April 2017 Pre-Publication


“Airport Security: Passenger Screening and Governance Post 9/11," in Rose Dog-March 2017-Pre-Publication


General Manager

  • Managed station and employee staff in the following areas: corrective action, monthly reports accounting for use of hours and overtime, and accuracy of training records, mishandled bags, and air cargo shipments.
  • Executed efficiency and productivity in the following areas: pre­plan flights schedules and estimated hours needed, recruit in a timely manner, and complete daily sales summary, deposits, daily ticket inventory and auditing documents
  • Demonstrated commitment to employees by completing timely evaluations, which fairly recognize their accomplishments as well as areas that needed improvement
  • Ensured compliance with company and federal safety and security policies while maintaining peak travel season requirements for United Airlines mountain city location

 US AIRWAYS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hub Operations Shift Manager

●      Regulated various concourses attentively in order to ensure safety and airport security regulatory compliance for the traveling public. Strategically planned and coordinated hub operations Customer Service and Ramp   assignments that promoted top efficiency in the operation

  • Consistently executed the following daily tasks: monitored performance standards, developed, completed and maintained statistical reports, counseled, directed, and monitored personnel job performance
  • Implemented policies and procedural operational changes to enhance productivity of operation


Underwing Operations Manager

  • Administered obligations such as report current operational information or ensure safety and airport security compliance in order to maintain and enhance performance of the operation
  • Responsible for coordinating and monitoring team performance as well as all local equipment and facilities
  • Regularly ensured all Customer Service personnel remained current on company policies and procedures


Station Manager, Customer Service Station Manager

  • Governed the initiation and development of the new station start up
  • Implemented and advised Company policies and procedures
  • Persistently maintained station's operational mission and goal performances
  • Conducted counseling, discipline, and proper training for documented subordinate employees


Station Manager, Customer Service Manager

  • Effectively performed tasks such as executing administrative activities, directing station employees and providing counseling and disciplining employees that are essential in starting up this new station
  • Ensured that policy and procedures were consistently followed by all employees


Customer Service Supervisor

  • Invested with the responsibility of initiating and developing a new hub operation by executing the following: proper training of all customer service agents and implementing of safety and airport security policies


Passenger Service Agent

  • Punctually assisted passengers with reservations and luggage problems
  • Adhered to company policies by conducting safety functions such as parking and directing aircraft on ramp
  • Responsible for ticketing, luggage checking, and boarding passengers

 NORTHWEST AIRLINES, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Customer Service Agent

  • Provided exemplary customer service through services such as ticket sales, baggage handling, and customer reservations
  • Communicated effectively to customers about their concerns with their accommodations or discrepancies that they were confronting in regards to their travel arrangements
  • Adhered to company policy

American Management Association International 

American Association of Airport Executives

National Association of Professional Women

Gamma Tau Upsilon

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.