William Kohlruss

Associate Professor of Aeronautical Science
Aeronautical Science Department
Daytona College of Aviation
Daytona Beach campus

Office Hours

Office hours: M/W/F 09:00 to 09:45 T/TR 0730-0800, 0930-10:50

Areas of Expertise

Aircraft Systems

AABI Accreditation

Academic Program Assessment

Known by all as “Mr. Bill”, Professor Kohlruss began his adventure with aviation in 1978 obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate in Northeast Ohio. This was preceded by another adventure which was a four year enlistment in the United States Navy where Machinist Mate Petty Officer Kohlruss crewed aboard the U.S.S Nitro (AE-23) that included a tour of duty in Vietnam (72-73).

By 1981, Professor Kohlruss was involved with Aviation Education by Flight and Ground Instructing by acquiring his FAA Commercial Single/Multi Engine, Instrument Airplane, CFI Airplane, Instrument, Multi Engine and Ground Instructor Certification and by 1983, completed a Bachelor’s Degree and two Associate Degrees at ERAU.

Some 3,000 plus hours of flight instruction teaching in all levels of pilot training, acquiring an Airline Transport Certificate with a Type Rating in a Boeing 737, Professor Kohlruss transitioned to the Aeronautical Science Department at ERAU. This change was made possible by Professor Kohlruss completing his Masters of Science Degree and included obtaining his FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate.

Since that transition, he has taught no less than eight Aeronautical Science Courses, involved himself in the development of academic courses, managed the program assessment process, and coauthored a textbook, while educating thousands of future aviators.

Additional commitments to the world of professional aviation education include, twenty years of work with the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), serving on and chairing many accreditation team visits, participating on committees and working groups, authoring AABI Manuals, and leading the accreditation status of many programs at ERAU. For twelve years Professor Kohlruss was the Editor of the Journal on Aviation, Aerospace Education and Research. This coordinated well with Professor Kohlruss’ participating on the publication committee of the University Aviation Association (UAA). For twenty years “Mr. Bill” was the Faculty Advisor for the Alpha Tau Chapter of Theta Phi Alpha at ERAU that garnished him the “Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award” five times. Other awards include the “Paul Whelan Educator Award (AABI), Unsung Eagle Award [twice] (ERAU), and Pioneer in Aviation Award (ERAU), within his Thirty Five Years (and counting) of employment with ERAU.

  • M.A.S. - Master of Aeronautical Science in Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • A.S. - Associate of Science in Aviation Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • A.S. - Associate of Science in Aeronautical Studies, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • CFII - Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument
  • IGI - Instrument Ground Instructor
  • C/ASEL - Commercial airplane single engine land
  • AD - Aircraft Dispatcher
  • AGI - Advanced Ground Instructor
  • ATP - Airline Transport Pilot

  • AS 311: Aircraft Engines - Turbine
  • AS 356: Aircraft Systems & Components

Private Pilot Ground School

Instrument Pilot Ground School

Commercial Pilot Ground School

ASC 101 Freshman Success

AS 240 Principles of Navigation

AS 260 Principles of All Weather Navigation

AS 311 Aircraft Engines-Turbine

AS 355 Global Navigation

AS 356 Aircraft Systems and Components

AS 387 Crew Resource Management

AS 410 Air Carrier Operations

FA 418 Innovative Crew Training to Undergraduate Pilots

FA 420 Airline Flight Crew Techniques and Procedures

Professor Kohlruss is the former Editor of the Journal on Aviation and Aerospace Education and Research (1998-2012) (See JAAER Link below).

Professor Kohlruss and Professor Vosbury (ERAU) co authored "Aircraft Systems for Professional Pilots" (2015)

Professor Kohlruss began his flying career in 1978, learning to fly a Cessna 150 off a 2,000 foot grass strip in Ohio. In November of that year he earned his FAA Private pilot Certificate. Flying began as a hobby after Professor Kohlruss served four years in the United States Navy as a Machinist Mate Third Class Petty Officer aboard the USS Nitro AE 23. During that time, Professor Kohlruss served a tour of duty in Vietnam in the early 70's. Professor Kohlruss matriculated as an undergraduate in the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Science Degree Program in 1979. He earned his Multi-Engine Rating in 1980 in a Piper Seminole, and in 1981 completed his Commercial Pilot Certification with an Instrument Airplane Rating. By 1982, he had added the Certified Flight Instructor Certificate with an Instrument Airplane and Multi-Engine Instructor Ratings. Professor Kohruss began flight instructing in the local Daytona area in 1982. In 1983 he started instructing at Embry Riddle part time. Completing his academics in April of 1983, Professor Kohlruss earned a Bachelor in Science in Aeronautical Science, an Associate Degree in Science in Aviation Management, and an Associate Degree in Science in Aeronautical Studies. In the Fall of 1983 he accepted full time employment with Embry Riddle as a Flight Instructor II in the Flight Technology Department. In 1987, Professor Kohlruss started working on his Masters Degree, earned an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, and took the marriage vows with Linda Louise Lorigan. By 1990, he had added the Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate with an Instrument Instructor Rating, and an Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, to his list of FAA Credentials. In that year, he also completed his Master in Science in Aeronautical Science Degree at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Serving in the Flight Technology Department from 1983 to 1995, Professor Kohlruss performed many duties including Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Assistant Training Manager, Flight Supervisor, and committee membership on several University and Department committees. In 1995, Professor Kohlruss joined the Aeronautical Science Department and began teaching traditional classroom courses that included Principles of Navigation; Principles of All Weather Navigation; Global Navigation; and Aircraft Systems and Components. Professor Kohlruss has also taught Aeronautical Science Freshman Success; Air Carrier Operations and Aircraft Engines-Turbine. Professor Kohlruss is currently teaching Crew Resource Management and Aircraft Systems and Components. Professor Kohlruss has been recognized by his students as a great teacher (See Rate My Professors Link). Professor Kohlruss engages in professional activites so as to give back to aviation what he has recieved. He has been a member of the University Aviation Association (See UAA Link below) where he served on committees and has participated in workshops to assist prospective authors in getting published in professional journals. As the former Editor of the Journal of Aviation and Aerospace Education and Research (See JAAER Link), Professor Kohlruss serveed the aviation community by publishing research manuscripts and forum acticles for the benifit of all. Professor Kohlruss has been a member of the Aviation Accreditation Board International, formally the Council on Aviation Accreditation, since 1996. As a member of AABI (See AABI Link) he has served on several committees including Associate Chair of the Guidance Committee. Professor Kohlruss has served on many accreditation visits as the Academic Member and more as the Chair of several visiting teams. With his knowledge of accreditation, he has the responsibility of maintaining and reaffirming the accreditation status of the Aeronautical Science Degree Program at Embry Riddle. In the capacity, Professor Kohlruss also is overseeing the Assessment of said Program. To serve the students of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Professor Kohlruss has since 1998 been the Faculty Advisor for the Theta Phi Alpha Sorority (See TPA Link) on Campus.