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Dr. Kathleen Quigley is an Associate Professor and the Academic Officer for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia. She is responsible for faculty development, academic programs, and ensuring compliance with accrediting and regulatory bodies. As a faculty member with twelve years of undergraduate and graduate teaching experience with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University she has also held executive positions within ERAU’s Worldwide Campus as an officer of the Senate. As an educator, she has experience with different teaching modalities, and she continually examines and utilizes a variety of teaching methodologies in her courses. She has a Doctorate of Management from the University of Phoenix, in which she examined the correlation between managers’ personalities and the types of competencies they sought from others when constructing a work team. She also holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the Northcentral University, in which she measured the relationship of post-traumatic stress symptoms on self-efficacy and student engagement among military personnel who returned from active deployment. Before joining Embry-Riddle, Dr. Quigley worked in the aeronautical industry, where she was involved with production and operations. One of the ways she stays current with the industry is through her involvement with the International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics and Aerospace (IJAAA), where she is one of the managing editors. Additionally, Dr. Quigley is also a member of the editorial and review board for the Journal of Strategic Management Reviews (JSMR) and the Journal of Corporate Governance Reviews (JCGR). She is originally from the United States, and has lived in Singapore for more than four years so far, and is looking forward to being here for a much longer period of time. She believes that education is her calling in life, and encourages all people to learn throughout their lives. She is a lifelong learner herself, and is self-motivated by the pursuit of knowledge for the joy of gaining knowledge. Interacting with people is important to Dr. Quigley, and she likes to understand the goals, rationales, and inspirations within others. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling in order to learn about and immerse herself in different cultures.  

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in PSY-Health-Psychology/Behavioral, Northcentral University
  • D.Mgt. - Doctor of Management in Management, University of Phoenix
  • M.A. - Master of Arts in Organizational Mgmt, University of Phoenix
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Management, David N. Myers College

  • MBAA 635: Business Capstone Course
  • RSCH 10: Research Preparation