Albert Atkins

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Management and Technology
College of Business

Areas of Expertise


·Master’s Degree Curriculum and Instruction

·Engineering Technology Management

  • Operations Management and Implementation of Safety Management Systems
  • Training Program Planning, Design, Development and Curriculum Instruction Implementation
  • Business Analytics 6-Sigma certificate
  • Flight Operations, Maintenance Management and Business Management
  • Development and Implementation Safety Program Management.


High-performing, strategic-thinking professional.

  • Twenty-six years of successful experience in business-aviation management and teaching higher education sectors including several awards.       
  • Highly skilled at building working relationships, coaching, and supporting across multiple organizations and teams at the Local and National Level.
  • Design and implement strategic plans, Organizational Development interventions and develop high performing teams.
  • Constantly I assess needs, generate options, provide recommendations, and implement solutions in collaboration with peers and managers.
  • Ten years’ experience at managing multiple projects simultaneously ensuring on-time completion and specification standards.

Respected and resolute aviation professional

  • Twenty-Five years’ experience providing pilot training, coaching and development.
  • Consistently, for twenty years I received outstanding feedback for teaching courses, public workshops, and public presentations.
  • Proven expertise during last five years in establishing and maintain executive business relationships across lines of business at the local and national level.

I have the vision to linking strategy and skills to specific program management requirements by using innovative approaches like system thinking and proven methodologies in process improvement. I applied scenario based and simulation training to pilots and flight instructors for over 10 years. I have four years of experience as Human Resources Manager and Corporate Training Manager. At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, I teach Strategic Management, Operations Management and Management of Technical Operations, online and blended classes through Eagle Vision. I performed significant business and political relationships with several stakeholders internal and external to the FAA. My real strength is leadership in Strategic Program Oversight and Program Development, Employee Development, Safety Management implementation and compliance. 

  • M.S. - Master of Science in Instructional Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, National University
  • M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration in International Business, National University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Airway Science: Aviation Maintenance Management, National University

  • AMNT 240: General Aeronautics & Appl
  • MGMT 201: Principles of Management

MGMT 201, MGMT 371, MGMT 436, MGMT 427, AMNT 240, MGMT 420, AMNT 270, 

Publications and Articles:

·         We Won, Authorhouse, 2009

·         General Lemay and Sir Arthur Harris, Biography First Books Library, 2001-2002

·         Air War over Kosovo, Writer’s Press, 1999.

·         In Like Flint, Strategic Bombing and Management Skills Pioneered by General Curtis E.  LeMay during the Cold War. Deposited at: Library of Congress, National Defense University, SAC Museum, Omaha, NE.

Encyclopedia of Air Warfare ABC-Clio 6 Volume Set Contributed more than 10 articles.  


Federal Aviation Administration                                                

AIR-952 Enterprise Operations Branch                                      Hours/week: 40 hrs. F/T

AVS Aircraft Certification Service                                            Supervisor: Carl W. Johnson

2200 S. 216th St                                                                        Section Manager

Des Moines, WA 98198                                                            Telephone: 405-308-7840 (w)


Program Manager, FV-0340-J                                                05/24/2020 - present

Serving as a Senior Program Manager responsible for the direction, coordination, implementation, control, and completion of strategic project(s), while remaining aligned with the strategy, commitments, and goals of the AIR organization. Serves as a subject matter expert (SME) specializing in the planning and implementation of project strategy, tracking and oversight.

Select Value- Added Achievements

  • Project Manager for Information Management Strategy evaluation, revision, tracking and implementation. I am responsible for monitoring milestones and reporting process.
    • Completed Information Management Strategy Revision within first 10 months of AIR-950 employment. Revision included tracking, streamline requirements and link strategy/cascade to AIR Strategic Plan
  • Project Manager for AIR External Application Portal. Overall project management including communication strategy and budget control.
    • Current Project: The AIR External Electronic Application includes close interaction with AIR-700 and AIR-800 including communication with foreign carriers and operators.
    • Current Project: Citizen Development Charter, Governance Guidance and Engagement Framework.  Led Completion of Governance Guidance Team 6 months before due date. In addition, the Governance Guidance and Framework included strategic links to Agility Order 1370.122A and National Data Order 1375.1F
    • Data Activities Team: Support AIR-340 Analysis Branch in Citizen Development coordination.
    • Volunteered to support AIR-600 with employment resume review (reviewed 200 records)
  • Aviation Safety Knowledge Management Environment (ASKME) provided program support to Manager in writing Statement of Work (SOW) for program contract requirements.

Federal Aviation Administration                                                 

Business Intelligence AJV-W0                                                  Hours/week: 40 hrs. F/T

Northwest Mountain Region                                                     Supervisor: Mark Heideman

ATO Western Service Center                                                    Telephone: 201-231-2191

2200 S. 216th St                                                                        (cell) 425-358-1522

Des Moines, WA 98198

Management & Program Analyst, FV-0343-J                                     08/2019 –05/2020

Served as a senior program/project analyst on a cross functional team responsible for conducting historical and predictive trend analysis, integrated products and work activities that directly impact the tactical and strategic objectives of the service area organizational units. Subject matter expert who specializes in the development of new and innovative approaches, methodology, techniques, and process improvement.

Select Value- Added Achievements

  • Conducted analysis to identify skill gaps and current program effectiveness within the WSA analysts in job requirements with OPM and skill assessment against current job duties. The result showed a skill gap in IT tools and software applications used by WSA analysts. This prompted to develop a training strategy to close the skill gap.

Federal Aviation Administration                                                 

Runway Safety Group AJI-144                                                  Hours/week: 40 hrs. F/T

ATO Office of Safety and Technical Training                            Supervisor: Emily Banuelos

2200 S. 216th St                                                                        Telephone: 206-231-2054

Des Moines, WA 98198

Aviation Technical Systems Specialist, FV-2186-I                  06/01/2018- 8/16/2019             

Aviation Technical Systems Specialist, FV-2186-J                  01/18/2011 – 05/30/2018

Assistant Runway Safety Program Manager Western Service Area

WSA Runway Safety Program Manager North

Western Service Area Manager (A)                                           Jan-Nov 2013

Alaska Regional Runway Safety Program Manager (A)              Jan-Oct 2013

Professional Accountability: As a Regional Program Manager, conducted training assessment and developed AJI-Safety & Technical Training, Runway Safety Training Program adapting the 70-20-10 model in strategic development; planned and conducted Regional and Local Runway Safety Action team meetings with Airport Managers, Air Traffic Managers; led the development of Maturity Model and QMS assessment at National Runway Safety level.

Select Value – Added Achievements

  • Provide Local Runway Safety Team process improvement in supporting FAA lines of business, 14 CFR Part 121 Air Carriers and public users to reduce runway incursions. Runway Safety participant in Services Rendered Telecoms (SRMD) high-risk runway events.
  • Applied scenario-based and simulation methodology to revise Runway Safety presentations to pilots and Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics (FIRC) audience 60 or more pilots for over 10 years.
  • Provided Safety Management recommendations on Runway Safety Events to Senior Level Executives at FAA, Air Carrier Airports and Air Traffic District Managers.
  • Streamlined regional procedures based on best practices in Runway Incursion Data Analysis Evaluation for the FAA Northwest Mountain Deputy Regional Administrator and ANM Runway safety Governance Council.
  • Evaluated and recommended adaptability of Safety Management Systems (SMS) with Airports and Flight Standards Aviation Safety (AVS). Recommendation used in the Runway Safety National Plan.
  • Identified Safety Risks, audited and managed the Maturity Model and QMS (Quality Management System) program development for Runway Safety Program.
  • Identified Safety Risks and work with FAA Northwest Mountain Region Airport Division Airport Inspectors and Regional Planner to mitigate runway incursions risk and Airport Geometry deficiencies during construction and closures (14 CFR Part 139).
  • Led assessment Team, Comprehensive Airport Review Assessment (CARA) at Reno Airport.
  • Evaluated Runway Safety and operation of Runway Status Lights at Seattle Tacoma International Airport during center runway reconstruction.
  • Evaluated MORs (Mandatory Occurrence Reports), verify aeronautical data and complete analysis into the Runway Safety Data Base.
  • Led analysis of Runway Safety Initiatives for AWP Region applying Six Sigma Methodology and Lean principles to validate Runway Safety Videos at high-risk Airports to support the implementation of safety measures and budget approval.

PEL (Program for Emerging Leaders) Cohort 7- Completed

  • Performed a 50-day Detail at the Airport Planning and Programming Branch ANM-610 under direct interaction with Branch Manager and worked on Airspace Review Process.
  • PEL required FLM-2 Completed, FLM-3 courses taken.

PEL Project Team Leader: Sponsor FAA Idea Hub Office; 18-mo deadline at National Level.

  • Led a Five Member Team across geographical and political boundaries.
  • Managed only group in Cohort 7 to have the project completed and accepted within timeline by FAA Office of Communication.
  • Led and coordinated working relationship with Director Idea-Hub Office, Lines of Business outside FAA including DOT, NASA (COE) and Industry stakeholders.

PEL HR Webinars Completed (CEB Corporate Leadership Council) Executive level

  • High Impact Leadership Transitions
  • Creating Talent Champions
  • The analytics Era: How Talent Analytics is Transforming HR’s Impact on the Business
  • The Global Leader
  • Driving Collaboration through social media
  • Strategies for Retaining Talent
  • Creating Competitive Advantage through Workforce Diversity
  • Driving Breakthrough Performance in the New Work Environment
  • Realizing the Full Potential of Rising Talent (Diversity)
  • Building Next Generation HR-Line Partnerships

Idea Hub Community Facilitator: Six-Month Detail (2012-2013)

  • Presented Idea Hub to various FAA executives at the Regional Level.
  • Evaluated feedback from Idea Hub users on submission topic’s scope and format.
  • Promoted Idea Hub during executive presentations and worked on programs development.

Volunteer: ANM Recreational Entertainment Committee and ANM Civil Rights Office supporting Equal Employment Opportunity Programs.

Federal Aviation Administration                                                 

Seattle Flight Standards District Office ANM-201                      Hours/week: 40 hrs. F/T

1601 Lind Ave                                                                         Supervisor: Ove S Larsen

Renton, WA. 98057                                                                  Telephone: 425-227-2586

Aviation Safety Inspector; FS-GS-1825-13                              08/2007 to 01/15/2011

Professional Accountability: As the Principal Inspector (Operations) General Aviation served as the primary operations interface between assigned air operators, agencies, pilots, and designees. Had program responsibility in assuring that assigned organizations met Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Determined the need for and established work programs for surveillance and inspection of assigned organizations to assure adherence to applicable regulations.

Select Value – Added Achievements

FAA ANM Region Lead Program assigned as Special Assistant ANM Regional FAASTeam Manager; Detail for 30 days.

  • Conducted Pilot Outreach Seminars and Presented Technically Advanced Aircraft to Designated Pilot Examiners and Aircraft Owners Pilot Association.
  • Completed Front Line Manager Course (FLM-1), Functioned (acting)  as Supervisor during supervisor’s absence.
  • Completed Seminar on Performance and Conduct Issues
  • Completed Quality Management System (QMS) and Root Cause Analysis Seminar
  • Led Root Cause Analysis Audit and coordinated SEA FSDO Office QMS process for MEL (Minimum Equipment List) and 14 CFR Part 129 (Foreign Carriers) files currency.
  • Designated as a Check Pilot for Seattle Flight Standards District Office. I conducted pilot check rides, evaluated flight instructor performance and brief Designated Pilot examiners.
  • Designated as AFS Flight Program King Air C-90/200 Instructor Pilot
  • Assigned Principal Operations Inspector, provided oversight, compliance with appropriate policies and procedures for 14 CFR Part 141, Part 135, 125 Aircraft Operators and Ops Specs certification.
  • Evaluated, audited, and approved Part 141, Part 135, and Part 121 training programs requirements against federal regulations.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide                     

1000 Oaksdale Ave. SW                                                           Hours/Quarter: 40 hrs. P/T

Renton, WA. 98057                                                                  Supervisor: Anthony Aparicio

                                                                                                Telephone: 425-226-2484

Associate Professor                                                                 06/99 - present

Professional Accountability:

Over 70 Courses taught, student group development and IGNITE research activities.

Instructor Led Classroom Web Based (Eagle Vision), Blended Format (Online).  Online Aviation Maintenance Instructor.  Core instructor for course development, curriculum and evaluation in Strategic Management and Principles of Management.

Select Value-Added Achievements:

  • Twenty-one years instruction in Management of Production and Operations (including manufacturing operations, service operations and supply change management) Quality Management Systems, Safety Management Systems, Lean Operations and Operations Performance Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, and data computations in Excel.
  • Taught Strategic Management and Strategic Management of Technical Operations
  • Leadership and Management Principles.
  • Applied Leadership Change Management and Systems Thinking
  • Earned Excellence Teaching Award, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USAF - McChord AFB May 6, 2009

Galvin Flying Services                                                               

7149 Perimeter Road                                                                Hours per week: 40 hrs. F/T

Seattle, WA. 98108                                                                  Supervisor: Mr. Nick Frisch

                                                                                                Telephone: 206-763-9706

Program Manager-Chief Pilot                                                05/2007 to 07/2007

Professional Accountability:

I was responsible for oversight, design, and implementation of TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) curriculum. The Program was at Satellite Location in Hawaii as part of the University of Hawaii Aviation department.

Select Value-Added Achievements:

  • Directed 14 CFR Part 141 Hawaii Operations Technically Advanced Aircraft Training Program and Training Curriculum.
  • Coordinated TAA Pilot Training Program implementation with the University of Hawaii.
  • Ensured all technical and administrative program requirements met FAA compliance and certification.

Central Washington University                                                   

400 E. University Way                                                              Hours per Week: 40 hrs. F/T

Ellensburg, WA. 98926                                                             Supervisor: Amy Hoover

                                                                                                Telephone: 509-963-2368        

Tenure Track Assistant Professor                                          09/2006 to 05/2007

Select Value-Added Achievements:

  • Applied industry changes in developing Turbine Transition training initiative.
  • Taught Transport Category Aircraft Systems Courses
  • Developed B-200 King Air simulator procedures.
  • Implemented and wrote training manual to blend Horizon Air operating procedures for Aircraft Simulator use.


Makarion Institute of Aeronautics                                           

7000 Merrill Ave                                                                      Hours per Week: 40 hrs. F/T

Chino, CA. 91710                                                                    Supervisor: Danny Knott

                                                                                                Telephone: N/A

Corporate Chief Pilot Part 91 – Chief Flight Instructor 14 CFR Part 141      01/01 to 12/2005

Professional Accountability: Managed Corporate Flight Operations, 25 airplanes (including 2 turboprop airplanes), supervised 15 flight instructors, 5 administrative staff and 6 mechanics.

Select Value-Added Achievements:

  • Ensured efficient operation of company assets valued at U$S 9.5 million.
  • Analyzed new aircraft purchases and provided evaluation and decision criteria to the CEO.
  • Directed and supervised contracting Pilot transfer agreement with Pacific Wings Airlines and 14 CFR part 121 Airlines
  • Led Contract Team with Kaiser Permanente HMO Air Ambulance. Conducted Case Study Analysis and contract requirements.
  • Conducted pilot assessment, Flight Instructors evaluations and check performance. Designed Curriculum and Managed Turbine Transition Program. Beech King Air 200 and C-90 Instructor Pilot.
  • There were no Pilot Deviations (PDs) at the Flight Department during my 5-year tenure as Chief Pilot.

    Aviation Maintenance

  • Chaffey College, 5885 Haven Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91737-Aviation Maintenance Instructor – Part Time -08/2001 to 01/2002- Airframe and Powerplant curriculum.
  • Long Beach City College, 4901 E. Carson St. Long Beach, CA. 90808 – Aviation Maintenance Instructor – Full Time Hourly – 08/1994 to 06/1999 – Airframe, General and Powerplant 14 CFR Parts 45 and 65 curriculums. Materials and Processes, metal alloys, Part 121 Transport Category aircraft Systems.
  • California Aviation, El Monte, CA. 91731 – Fixed Based Operator Manager Cessna Repair Station.  Full Time 12/1989 to 03/1991 – Part, Maintenance and Avionics Department supervision. Inspector responsible for approving repairs and annual inspections through the Repair Station. 14 CFR Part 23 compliance enforcement.
  • Austral Airlines, Buenos Aires Argentina – Technical Liaison/Mechanic – Full Time – 08/1980 to 08/1984 – Engineering Department Technical Liaison to McDonnell Douglas 1981-1984, 14 CFR Part 25 compliance verification. Technical support operations and maintenance training on DC-8/66, BAC 111-400/500, MD-80. Mechanic Landing Gear section (overhaul and testing of brakes and landing gear components including NDT inspections.


Career-Related Training

  • Graduated from FAA PEL (Program for Emerging Leaders) Cohort 7, 2014 (Harvard University Level)
  • Completed ATO Safety Management Systems and Risk Analysis courses in 2014.
  • Achieved American Association Airport Executives, AAAE Certified Manager (CM) November 2014.
  • Completed Airport Safety and Operations Specialist School (ASOS) – August 2015.

Other Relevant Technical Experience

  • ATP Multiengine Rating
  • Commercial Pilot SEL/MEL Instruments
  • Part 121 A&P Mechanic, B-727 FE ground school, MD-80 and BAC-111 ground school
  • B-737-MAX Introductory 40-hrs Course ERAU June 2021
  • Advanced Ground Instructor
  • Flight Instructor SEL/MEL Instruments
  • SIC endorsement Citation 500 -10/31/2003!
  • CRM Flight Safety International, CRM American Airlines. FAA Wings Programs. Altitude Chamber Flight and Training.
  • Five years’ experience as Instructor Aviation Maintenance Instructor.
  • Four years’ experience as Part 121 Airline Technical Liaison.
  • Two years’ experience as FBO/14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station Manager
  • 2021 ERAU B-737 MAX Introductory course completed


·President Toastmasters “Flying Toasters” (2014) ACG (Advanced Communicator Gold)

·SAC Society/Museum. EAA member, Smithsonian member


  • AIR-952 FY20/FY21 Two successive monetary awards - Performance
  • Excellence Teaching Award, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USAF - McChord AFB May 6, 2009
  • Certified Flight Instructor of the Year, FAA Riverside Flight Standards District Office 2002 Southern California University for Professional Studies, PhD Degree 1999 Cum Laude,
  • Master Instructor Designation 2 002, 2004, 2006, 2008, NAFI National Association Flight Instructors
  • FAA Monetary Awards (2008, 2009) (2018)
  • Only Runway Safety employee to receive Outstanding Performance increase SC-2 in 2014 (FY 2013).