Amber M Paul

Assistant Professor
Human Factors and Behavioral Neurobiology
College of Arts & Sciences

Office Hours

COAS 401.02 (by appointment)

Areas of Expertise


Molecular Biology



Systems Biology

Neuroendocrine Biology

Space Biology

Amber M Paul

Amber M. Paul, Ph.D., is the Embry-Riddle Wessel Fellow. Dr. Paul received her BSc in Immunology from the University of Alberta, Canada and Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Southern Mississippi.  She completed postdoctoral training at NASA Ames Research Center as a Universities Space Research Association fellow and is a Blue Marble Space Institute of Science visiting scholar. Dr. Paul's research focuses on immunity and neuroendocrine crosstalk in extreme environmental conditions. She is interested how physiological stress in both acute and chronic settings influences immunity.  Her goal is to identify signaling pathways involved and develop countermeasures that can circumvent these impacts.  Dr. Paul’s research is currently supported by NASA's Human Research Program. She is the director of the The Omics Lab for Health and Human Performance.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences: Molecular Biology, University of Southern Mississippi

  • BIO 335: Cell Signaling and Disease
  • BIO 440: Clinical Rotation
  • BIO 215: Genetics

BIO499 - Immunology

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Visting Scholar, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, NASA Ames Research Center, Space Biosciences Division (2021-present)

Adjoint Professor, Department of Human Factors and Behavioral Neurobiology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2021)

NASA Postdoctoral Position (NPP) Fellow, Universities Space Research Association (USRA), NASA Ames Research Center (2017-2021)

Canadian Space Ambassadors - Canadian Space Agency, 2021-present

American Association of Immunologists (AAI), 2015-present

American Society for Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR), 2018-present 

NASA GeneLab Animal and Educational Working Group (AWG/EWG), 2018-present

Radiation Research Society (RADRES), 2021-present

Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), 2021-present

Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Canadian Space Ambassador, 2021-present

Radiation Research Society awardee, ICRR2021

American Association of Immunologists, Immunology Conference Awardee, 2021

Outstanding Postdoctoral Presentation, Human Research Program Investigators Workshop, 2021

Artistic Merit (Astroimmunity), American Society for Gravitational Space Research Conference, 2019

NASA GeneLab Award, American Society for Gravitational Space Research Conference, 2019

NASA Ames Honor Award, MVP-FLY-01 Team Award, NASA Ames Research Center, 2018

ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award, University of Southern Mississippi, 2017

Outstanding Doctoral Student of the Year, College of Science & Technology, University of Southern Mississippi, 2016

American Association of Immunologists, Immunology Conference Awardee, 2015

Outstanding Presentation Award, Mississippi Academy of Science, 2013

Best Foundational Advance, International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition, 2009