Carter W. Taylor

Adjunct Instructor
Department of Management and Technology
College of Business

Carter W. Taylor:  INFORMATION:                                                       9/30/2015

            As an “Army Brat” I grew up in 10 or 11 states, but lived mostly in New Mexico, Texas, Florida, and Maine.  While earning money for school as a flight instructor in single-engine airplanes in New Mexico, I earned a BS in secondary education at NM State University.  After College I taught high school in El Paso, and then was an FAA air traffic control tower operator in Jacksonville, Florida. 

            Then I switched to the other end of the microphone.  For a while I flew as flight engineer on the three-tailed Lockheed Constellations and copilot on the Convair 440.  After that I was a pilot for American Airlines for 33 years.  I served several years with our pilot association as vice chairman and then chairman of our largest crew base and was on their national board of directors.  Later, for about the last half of those 33 years, I served as supervisory pilot, flight instructor, and designated FAA Examiner.   The airplanes I flew included the Douglas DC-6 and DC-7 propeller planes, Lockheed Electra turboprop, most Boeing jets, and the DC-10 and MD-11.  Also, I’ve worked for Boeing, training B-777 pilots for Boeing’s customer airlines.  This included an interesting two-month assignment in Doha, Qatar, on the Persian Gulf, training Qatar Airways pilots.  Boeing also had me doing considerable work on courseware development for the pilot training programs for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  I also fly—and am licensed to instruct on—helicopters, gliders, float planes (sea planes), hot air balloons, gyroplanes, and airships (blimps). 

            A few years ago I had the privilege of piloting the Fuji Film airship over the Rose Bowl and piloting a hot air balloon in the Swiss Alps.  Also I’ve been a guest lecturer on several cruise ships, talking primarily about aviation (of course!).  Four years ago I decided to go back to school and got a Masters in Business Administration—an MBA. 

            Having been in six continents and many countries, I enjoy working with people of all backgrounds.  Now I am seriously enjoying teaching at Embry-Riddle!!

            I will do absolutely everything I can to help my students succeed. If they have any course problems or questions, or simply need a clarification, I continually encourage them to email or phone me (or text) at my cell phone. 

Carter Taylor

  • M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration, North Greenville University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Education, New Mexico State University-Main Campus

  • Flight Instructor - Federal Aviation Administration
  • Aircraft Dispatcher - Federal Aviation Administration
  • Control Tower Operator - Federal Aviation Administration
  • Ground Instructor - Federal Aviation Administration
  • Flight Engineer - Federal Aviation Administration
  • Airline Transport Pilot - Federal Aviation Administration
  • Pilot Check Airman - American Airlines
  • Commercial Pilot - Federal Aviation Administration

I teach MGMT 201, MGMT 203 and MGMT 324, Aviation Labor Relations.


I hold the official international speed record between Dallas, Texas, and London, England.