Charles Drazba

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
College of Arts & Sciences

Office Hours

9AM to 9PM Monday through Sunday (EST)

Areas of Expertise

U.S. History

International Relations

National Security Studies

As an adjunct associate professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, I provide classroom and on-line instruction in three different courses.  I develop curriculums designed to address current American and global foreign policy concerns; additionally, I instruct students on contemporary American economic, political, military, and social issues of national and international importance.  I relate current issues to long-term policies and interests of America in its world relations; additionally, I evaluate current issues with special reference to the role of government and citizen’s rights and responsibilities.  The curriculum is tailored towards the analysis of U.S. posture, history, goals, and policies through selective reading and research.  My teaching experience, coupled with my professional and military expertise, has given me the ability to:  

  • Provide a foundation for understanding U.S. historical events and impacts on international relations
  • Trace trends and patterns in today’s events from situations and policy decisions of the past
  • Determine and recognize cause and effect relationships in foreign policy decisions       
  • Understand foreign policy decision-making processes and the roles of the principal actors
  • Analyze U.S. foreign policy and provide theories and interpretations that motivate diplomatic behavior 

My responsibilities include providing the background and understanding of how really stable, yet dynamic, the American political system is, and understanding the historical context of our political process. There is an emphasis on the American political context with all of its terminology, and historical and cultural background. My teaching emphasizes specific problems, issues, crises and developments in U.S. History and their political, economic and social causes and impacts. A major objective is to encourage students to improve their ability to discuss important historical issues in a logical, analytical, and civil manner, separating fact from emotions.  My approach towards teaching is for students to gain practice in reading and interpreting relevant documents as well as to hone their critical thinking, writing, and discussion skills. 

2008 -2009 – Received Faculty of the Year Award for superb teaching skills and service to students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

Relevant Training 

2018 – Certificate of Achievement for Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

2017 – Certificate of Completion for Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence: Title IX, VAWA and Clery Act for Faculty and Staff

2016 - Certificate of Achievement for Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

2001-2015                    Eagle Alliance

                                    Computer Science Corporation (CSC)

                                    Compliance Material Management

As a member of the Eagle Alliance compliance staff, I effectively planned, developed, communicated and executed audits within a defined scope, conducted necessary meetings in performance of the audit, and used appropriate auditing techniques. I have performed numerous ISO audits of various organizations within Eagle Alliance to ensure that documented processes and procedures were maintained to meet ISO, Eagle Alliance, and client requirements. My responsibilities included reviewing direct and indirect artifacts associated with the audit activity and conducting audit interviews. I verified, documented and communicated audit results, developed audit reports and evaluated the effectiveness of corrective actions/follow-up. I possessed the interpersonal skills necessary to resolve conflicts and understood how quality principles related to business processes. I communicated the importance of aligning the audit function to the organization and participated in process improvement activities. 

1984 - 2001                  Honeywell Technical Services Inc.

                                    Senior Business Systems Administrator

                                    (Program Configuration, Change, and Control)

As a Senior Business Systems Administrator, I supported various departments in the tracking of software and database intelligence systems residing on multiple platforms.  I was responsible for providing statistical intelligence summaries and reports on a daily basis; additionally, I provided ad‑hoc queries when tasked.  Processed specific requests for tracking system changes and assisted project management in meeting Government deliverables.   I maintained and tracked complex systems from development to integration; additionally, I supported test engineering personnel in tracking on‑going test activities.   My responsibilities included transferring data requests and information across multiple platforms, and preparing daily statistical summaries for WEBPAGE publishing. 

I tracked intelligence items for internal and external development and maintenance organizations; also, I developed administrative systems to manage special projects, including computerized records management.  My responsibilities included support of internal and external data users, including support for remote field locations.  I maintained the baseline integrity of all software system upgrades using automated configuration management utilities and supported engineering, evaluation, and calibration test activities. Additionally, I supported all program management reporting requirements.  Duties included tracking and dissemination of:

  • Special Signals of Interest
  • Intelligence summaries
  • Communication messages
  • Classified program deliverables

1975- 1984                               Bendix Field Engineering Corporation (AlliedSignal)

                                                 DOD ANDERS, Shemya Island, Alaska

                                                  Field System Engineer

                                                  Radioprinter Controller    

                                                 Radioprinter Analyst and Operator


In this role, I supervised shift operations and analysts in their performance of assigned tasks.   Responsibilities included evaluating mission performance and initiating appropriate actions to correct deficiencies or improve procedures. I formulated shift scheduling and evaluated the performance of approximately 70 employees.  I was responsible for providing technical support to the Sixth Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC). Duties included:

  • Collection and exploitation of signals intelligence to support SAC objectives
  • Real-time collection and analysis of SIGINT data
  • Coordination with SAC Cobra Ball and Cobra Dane assets
  • Dissemination of intelligence data to various customers
  • Wideband collection and radioprinter analysis and reporting

I supervised the operation of the Radioprinter section to ensure all objectives were met.  I supervised personnel in the operation of complex electronic equipment and trained analytical specialists.

In this role, I ensured quality of station product and performed coordinating functions.  I assisted operators in identification of critical mission activities; additionally, I provided guidance for purposes of continuity and mission awareness.  As part of my duties, I operated telecommunication circuits for coordinating activities with the customer and other intelligence-related agencies.

1966 - 1970                              United States Army

                                                Teletype Intercept Operator

                                                Honorable Discharge

  • M.A. - Master of Arts in National Security Studies, Georgetown University
  • B.A. - Bachelor of Arts in History, College of the Holy Cross

  • GOVT 325: International Studies

GOVT331 - Current Issues in America

GOVT340 - U.S. Foreign Policy

Professional Teaching Experience - Adjunct Professor since 1991 for Embry Riddle. 

Compliance Material Manager for Eagle Alliance, Computer Science Corporation, 14 years

Senior Business Systems Administrator for Honeywell Technical Services, 17 years

Field System Engineer for Bendix Field Engineering Corporation, 9 years

2008-2009 Faculty of the Year Award