Christopher Hennon

Professor of Meteorology
Applied Aviation Sciences Department
College of Aviation

Areas of Expertise

Tropical Meteorology, Weather Forecasting, Artificial Intelligence Applications
Christopher Hennon

  • WX 301: Aviation Weather
  • WX 203L: Survey of Meteorology Lab

WX 201 (Survey of Meteorology)

WX 203L (Survey of Meteorology Lab)

WX 301 (Aviation Weather)

WX 427 (Forecasting Techniques)

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2022 -            Professor of Meteorology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ

2020 -            Certified Consulting Meteorologist, American Meteorological Society

2017 - 2022   Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, NC

2015 - 2022   Chair, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, NC

2014 - 2019   Visiting Research Scholar, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites, North Carolina State U.

2011 - 2017   Associate Professor, University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, NC

2005 - 2011   Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, NC

2004 - 2005   Visiting Scientist, UCAR, National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL

2004 - 2005   Adjunct Faculty, Miami Dade College, Miami, FL

2003 - 2004   Post-Doctoral Fellow, UCAR, National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL

2001 - 2002   Research Assistant, Polar Meteorology Group, Byrd Polar Research Center, Columbus, OH

1996 - 1998   Meteorologist/Software Engineer, TASC, Inc., Reading, MA

1994 - 1996   Research/Teaching Assistant, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

American Meteorological Society

American Geophysical Union

Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM)

2016 - Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award, University of North Carolina Asheville

2012 - WxChallenge Forecast Competition, Faculty/Staff Champion (Miami, FL)

1994 - Student Commencement Speaker, Miami University, Oxford, OH

1991 - Chapman Scholar