Nickolas Macchiarella

Aeronautical Science Department
College of Aviation

Areas of Expertise

Virtual Environments for Training, Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Nickolas Macchiarella

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Computing Technology in Education, Nova Southeastern University
  • M.Ed. - Master of Education in Occupational Training and Development, University of Louisville
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Management and Military Science, University of Central Florida

  • Remote Pilot - Federal Aviation Administration
  • Commercial Pilot - Federal Aviation Administration
  • Ground Instructor - Federal Aviation Administration

  • AS 473: Operational Application in UAS
  • MSA 599: Special Topics A. Science
  • AS 399: Special Topics in Aero Science
  • AS 499: Special Topics in Aero Science
  • UA 390: UAS Practicum I

AS 120 Principles of Aeronautical Science SIM 200 Aviation Simulation Systems AS 220 Unmanned Aircraft Systems AS 272 Aeronautics III - Commercial Pilot AS 340 Instructional Design in Aviation AS 403 Unmanned Sensing Systems SIM 405 Simulation Visual Systems SIM 406 Aviation Simulation Systems Integration MSA 514 Computer-Based Instruction MSA 515 Aviation/Aerospace Simulation Systems MSA 518 Online Learning Environments MSA 661 Human-Computer Interaction MSA 690 Graduate Research Project MSA 700 Thesis

Simulation System Design and Development Virtual Environments to Meet Training Needs, Web/Computer-Based Training, Augmented Reality for Training, Broadband Networks Supporting Virtual Environments, Unmanned Aircraft Systems