Douglas D Boyd

Adjoint Faculty, College of Aviation
Department of Graduate Studies
College of Aviation

Areas of Expertise

general aviation flight safety/accidents
Douglas D Boyd

Aerospace Medical Association (2009-present),

University Aviation Association (2016-present).

1) Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association, 2020.

2) AsMA Associate Fellows Ellingson Award (Occupant Injury Severity in General Aviation Accidents Involving Excessive Landing Airspeed publication in AMHP journal), 2020 

3) Arnold D. Tuttle Award for paper most significant contribution (In-Flight Decision-Making by General Aviation Pilots Operating in Areas of Extreme Thunderstorms published in AMHP journal) in aerospace medicine, 2018. 

4) Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association 2018.

5) Joseph L Haley Writing Award given by the US Army Aviation Medical Association for the best paper published in 2016 in the area of Rotary wing Aviation Medicine, 2017.