Eileen Landis-Groom

Professor Humanities and Communications
Humanities and Communication Department
Prescott College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

teaching writing; travel literature; creative writing
Eileen Landis-Groom

  • D.A. - Doctor of Arts in English, Idaho State University
  • B.A. - Bachelor of Arts in English, Bucknell University

  • COM 122: English Composition
  • COM 219: Speech

Developmental Writing; Composition and Literature; Studies in Literature; Creative Writing; Speech; Themes in Humanities; Technical Report Writing; Business Communication; Technology and Modern Civilization; American Literature; World Literature; Modern Literature; Senior Thesis

"Sweetness." Black Box (2019).

"Mrs. Leibersperger."  Black Box (2018).

“Mr. Dunkleberger’s Wishes.” Black Box (2017).

 “The Importance of Images.” Black Box (2015).

 “The Drug.”  Black Box (2013).

“Beanie. Beanie. Beanie.”  Black Box.

Review of Ken Lamberton’s Chasing Arizona.  Connections. summer  2015.

“Coming Home to Horses”  Equus (fall 2015)                      

“Developing a Writing and Humanities Course Revolving around Well-written    

 Nonfiction about Animals.”  Arizona English Bulletin 

Experiences Traveling Here and There Far and Near.

(I was editor for this booklet written by my COM 122 and HU 145

   students and used in COM 122 and also given to

  Admissions for potential students.) 2013

“A Name.”  Arizona English Bulletin  (2012).

“History of a Park.” Arizona English Bulletin  50.2 

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 “Learning to Dance Together.” Arizona English Bulletin   

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Voices of ERAU. A Booklet for New or Potential Students.                      

 (I was editor for this booklet written by my COM 122 

   students and used in COM 122 and also given to

  Admissions for potential students.) 2006-2007

Methods for Teaching Travel Literature and Writing.                               

 Exploring the World and Self.  Peter Lang Publishing,                

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Review of “American Eyes: Travel Literature for Children

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    "Using Letters Between Classes and Campuses to Improve  

      Writing Skills."  ERIC, 1993. ED 357 339.

      The following articles were written for three issues of the Writing Across the   Curriculum at ERAU (Prescott  Campus) Newsletter. ERAU (Prescott): Humanities/Social Science Department (1992-1994): "Frequent Problems in Students' Papers: Both Major and Minor"; "Lesser Known Requirements for Writing Papers"; "The Challenge of Evaluating Papers"; "College Writers Composing for Correspondence"; "Thoughts on Writing Across the Curriculum"; "Sexist Language"

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        "Abnormal Behavior in Lesser Creatures."  The Black Box 7   (fall 1992).

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            University. May 1991.

        "College Writers Composing for Correspondence."  Arizona English Bulletin 33.2 (spring 1991): 15-17.

        "Images of Flight as Controlling Metaphors in the Works of Chopin, Jong, and Morrison."  Proceedings of a

            Conference on Images of Women in Aviation: Fact vs. Fiction. 30-31 March 1991. Prescott, Arizona:        

            Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the Arizona Humanities Council.

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          "A Poet for the Party."  Jeopardy 10 (spring 1974): 28-30.

Associate and Full Professor
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1986- present.

`Am advisor of the creative arts magazine; am organizer of creative writing readings; am chair of Faculty Development and Benefits Committee; am member of other department and university committees

Was director of and tutor in Writing Center; was course monitor of Composition and Literature and Business Communication;  program chair of Aerospace Studies (from 1992-1997 and 1999-2001), a degree program begun in 1992; editor of Studies in Humanities; secretary of Faculty Council; vice-president of Faculty Council; advisor of students in Aeronautical Science; member of Institutional Effectiveness Committee (involving much work on assessment strategies); coordinator of Creative Arts Night for five years; editor of Writing Across the Curriculum at ERAU (Prescott Campus) Newsletter (three years); member and chair of Promotion Committee; participant in Young Authors' Celebration (a program to encourage writers on the secondary-level)

AETA currently    NCTE and CCCC in the past

First place in nonfiction in the Arizona English Teachers’ Association’s Teachers as Writers Contest (1999, 2008,  2011, 2012); First place in fiction in Arizona English Teachers' Association's Teachers as Writers Contest (2004, 2013, 2015); Who's Who Among America's Teachers (1998, 2002, 2005); judge for creative nonfiction for Professional Writers of Prescott 2011 Writing Contest; invitation to participate in Oxford Round Table; second place in fiction in Arizona English Teachers' Association's Teachers as Writers Contest (1992); winner of Best of Show in the Yavapai County  Women in the Arts for fiction (1988) and recipient of an honorable mention in the same contest (1989); member of Who's Who of American Women and Who's Who in the West; member of Phi Kappa Phi; recipient of three fellowships from Idaho State University; citation in The Letter Book. Ideas for Teaching College English by Toby Fulwiler, a well-known scholar in the  field of composition (2000).