Elizabeth Lazzara

Associate Professor
Human Factors and Behavioral Neurobiology
College of Arts & Sciences

Office Hours

COAS 401.13 (By Appointment)

Areas of Expertise

Patient Safety

Quality Improvement

Human and Team Performance


Training Assessment

Simulation-based Training 

Elizabeth Lazzara

I am an Associate Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Currently, I co-lead the Research, Engineering, and Applied Collaboration in Healthcare (REACH). Previously, I was dual appointed at University of Kansas School of Medicine and Wichita State University. Although I have had extensive experiences in military, academic, and commercial settings, my primary interests lie within improving the quality of patient care within the healthcare domain. I strive to make a long lasting and significant impact by examining and advancing the science and practice of clinical care and patient safety issues pertaining to human performance, teamwork, team training, and simulation-based training, and performance measurement.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology: Human Factors Psychology, University of Central Florida
  • M.A. - Master of Arts in Applied Experimental and Human Factors: Psychology, University of Central Florida

  • PSY 315: Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 345: Training and Development

HF 302 Human Factors II

HF 520 Team Performance

HF 612 Human Factors Methods

HF 695 Human Factors in Medicine

PSY 315 Cognitive Psychology

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Research Assistant Professor - University of Kansas School of Medicine and Wichita State University

American Society for Clinical Oncology

Association for Psychological Science

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Society for Industrial/Organizational Society

Society of Psychologists in Management

Association for Psychological Science - 2017 Rising Star

Leadership Quarterly - 2007 Most Cited Paper