Elliott Bryner

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department
College of Engineering
Elliott Bryner

Dr. Bryner’s research interests are in the areas of experimental fluid mechanics, combustion, fluid measurements using conventional and optical techniques, analytical and computational fluid mechanics, heat transfer analysis and thermal systems design. He has extensive experience planning and executing experimental test programs for a range of applications from high inlet temperature combustor rigs, to full gas turbine engines and rig and component tests.

Dr. Bryner has over 15 years’ experience in the propulsion field, working on design, analysis and test of engine components and systems in academics, government and private industry. Dr. Bryner's experience includes experimental facility design, fabrication and operation, heat transfer and fluid systems design, and mechanical and aerodynamic testing of engine components and systems.

At the University of Virginia’s Aerospace Research Laboratory, Dr. Bryner developed the prototype of a measurement system that was capable of producing spatially resolved two-dimensional distributions of water-vapor concentration and temperature. This technique, called Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Tomography (TDLAT) was used to measure combustion efficiency in a model dual-mode scramjet combustor.

While at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, OH, Dr. Bryner was responsible for planning and conducting aerodynamic and aeromechanical testing of compression systems at NASA Glenn Research Center. He was also instrumental in the design and construction of a high flow test cell in the Heat Transfer Laboratory to expand capacity and capability of the lab. He also lead the development and implementation of a pressure sensitive paint system for measurement of film cooling effectiveness in gas turbine blades and nozzle vanes at the Heat Transfer Lab at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, OH.

As part of the Propulsion and Energy Machinery section at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX Dr. Bryner built a unique combustion facility for testing high inlet temperature combustor designs.  He also worked on projects ranging from compressor test facility design to software development project management of the Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS) cycle analysis tool.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia-Main Campus

  • ME 417: Advanced Propulsion
  • ME 309: Airbreathing & Rckt Propulsion
  • ME 495M: Boost Rocket Propulsion Lab
  • CEAE 396: Coop Ed Aerospace Engineering
  • CEAE 397: Coop Ed Aerospace Engineering
  • CEME 396: Coop Ed Mechanical Engineering
  • ME 446: Therm Fluid Sci & Energy Mgmt
  • ME 446L: Trml Fluid & Enrgy Measure Lab

2013 - 2016 Senior Research Engineer, Southwest Research Institute Propulsion and Energy Machinery

2010 - 2013 Lead Test Engineer, GE Aviation Turbomachinery Aerodynamics and Aerodynamics Labs

2006 - 2010 Lead Engineer, GE Aviation Thermal Systems Design

2001 - 2006 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Virginia Aerospace Research Lab

2000 - 2001 Mechanical Engineer, Honeywell Engines and Systems 

Senior Member AIAA

2002 - 2005 Virginia Space Grant Consortium Graduate Research Fellowship