William Engblom

Aerospace Engineering Department
College of Engineering

Office Hours

MWF 1:00-2:00 T 11:00-12:00 (online) or by appointment

Areas of Expertise

Computational fluid dynamics, Aerodynamics, Hypersonic vehicle propulsion
William Engblom

Dr. Engblom joined the Aerospace Engineering Department in 2013, and has also been a faculty member in the ERAU Mechanical Engineering Department since 2006. He teaches and conducts research in the area of computational fluid dynamics, propulsion, and aerodynamics. He is an AIAA Associate Fellow and has published more than 50 conference paper, journals, and reports involving the development or application of high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and multi-disciplinary numerical simulations.

As PI, he has managed over $1M in funded research while at ERAU. Recent projects include:

  • development of novel atmospheric satellite concept based on sailing for NASA
  • high-fidelity simulation of the HiFire and Hy-V scramjet propulsion systems for the DoD
  • characterization of rocket plume electrical fields for the FAA
  • hydrodynamic simulation of marine turbine for power generation for the DoE

Prior to joining ERAU, Dr. Engblom conducted numerical research for the Hyper-X and Quiet Aircraft Technology programs while at NASA Glenn Research Center from 2001-2005, and for the Delta and Titan launch vehicle programs while at The Aerospace Corporation from 1997-2001.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
  • M.S. - Master of Science in Engineering: Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

  • AE 308: Compressible Aerodynamics
  • AE 455: Computational Aerodynamics
  • AE 800: Dissertation
  • AE 700: Thesis

  • AE308 Compressible Aerodynamics
  • AE455 Computational Aerodynamics
  • AE516 Computational Aeronautical Fluid Dynamics
  • AE625 Hypersonic Aerospace Propulsive Flows
  • ME413 Preliminary Design for High Performance Vehicles
  • ME409 Vehicle Aerodynamics
  • ME405 Vehicle Power Systems
  • ME408 Clean Thermal Power Systems
  • ES305 Thermodynamics
  • ES206 Fluid Mechanics
  • ES204 Dynamics

Selected Recent:
  1. Moncayo, H, Engblom.W, Nshuti, C., and Coulter, N., “Performance Analysis of the Application of Flight Control Laws to a Stratospheric Dual Aircraft Platform Concept,” Journal of Aerospace Engineering (submitted).
  2. Vedam, A., Engblom, W., “Numerical Investigation of Scaling Effects on a Ramjet-Powered Projectile,” AIAA SciTech Forum 2020, AIAA-2020-2514.
  3. Borghi, M., Engblom, W., Poinsatte, P., and Thurman, P. (2018), "Numerical and Experimental Examination of Turbulent Mixing of a Heated Jet in a Crossflow", J. Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, Vol. 34, Issue 2, 20 December 2019.
  4. Engblom, W., “Proof-of-Concept Flight Demonstration of Novel Atmospheric Satellite Concept,” NIAC Phase II Final Report, Nov. 2018
  5. Borghi, M., Poinsatte, P., Thurman, D., Engblom, W., "Preliminary Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of Turbulent Mixing from Thin-Film Cooling", 55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA SciTech Forum, AIAA 2017-1004, DOI 10.2514/6.2017-1004, Jan. 2017.
  6. Engblom, W., Decker, R., "Virtual Flight Demonstration of the Stratospheric Dual-Aircraft Platform", 34th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, AIAA 2016-3877. DOI 10.2514/6.2016-3877, June 2016.
  7. Borghi, M., Engblom, W., Georgiadis, N., Osborne, J., Hutchings, R., Evaluation of Mixing-Limited Quasi-Global Wind-US Model for Vitiation Effects on the HIFire 2 Flowpath,” JANNAF conference, Albuquerque, Dec 2014.
  8. Borghi, M., Engblom, W., Georgiadis, N, "Evaluation of Mixing-Limited Quasi-Global Wind-US Model for HIFire 2 Flowpath", 52nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA SciTech Forum, AIAA 2014-1160, DOI 10.2514/6.2014-1160
  9. Engblom, W., "Development of Atmospheric Satellite Concept based on Sailing", 52nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA SciTech Forum, AIAA 2014-1111, DOI 10.2514/6.2014-1111
  10. Georgiadis, N., Yoder, D., Vyas, M., Engblom, W., “Status of Turbulence Modeling for Hypersonic Propulsion Flowpaths,” Theoretical Computational Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 28, pp. 295-318. DOI 10.1007/s00162-013-0316-z, Jan. 2014.

13-present, Professor, Aerospace Engineering, ERAU
12-present, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, ERAU
05-12 Associate Professor, Mechanic Engineering, ERAU
01-05 Contractor, Propulsion Directorate, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland
97-01 Engineering Specialist, Vehicle Systems Division, The Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA
96-97 Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering, UTexas at Austin

Associate Fellow, AIAA

Member, AIAA High-Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Technical Committee (2003-2015)

Fellow, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC), 2015

Faculty Researcher of the Year, 2009, ERAU