Erin E Bowen

Professor of Psychology and Department Chair
Behavioral & Social Sciences Dept
Prescott College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise


  • Aviation psychology & safety
  • Behavioral and attitudinal markers of organizational effectiveness
  • Statistical modeling and data integration for organizational effectiveness
  • Survey design; training and assessment


  • Advanced quantitative and qualitative designs and analyses, including multivariate modeling
  • Structural equation modeling
  • Survey design and analysis
  • SPSS and LISREL statistical analysis software
Erin E Bowen

Dr. Erin Bowen is Professor of Psychology & Chair of the Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Prescott, AZ.

An appointed member of the Aviation Security & Emergency Management committee of the Transportation Research Board (part of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine), Dr. Bowen is an academic leader and scholar with an interdisciplinary focus on the intersection of psychology and aviation. Her areas of expertise include aviation psychology and safety, human performance, and multivariate data analysis. She has collaborated with commercial air carriers, major aircraft manufacturers, and international collegiate aviation programs on training assessment, data analysis, and safety culture.

Dr. Bowen's expertise has been relied on by numerous national and international news outlets, including Good Morning America, live in-studio on NBC's Meet the Press, CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper, CNN’s Tonight with Don Lemon, BBC Radio, CBC, Bloomberg, USA Today, an appearance on the nationally syndicated radio program, Rudy Maxa's World with Christopher Elliott, a feature article in Flying Magazine, and many others. She also serves by invitation as an external media expert for The Boeing Company.

Her research foci and ability to conduct complex data analyses have led to Principal Investigator (PI) and co-PI efforts on successful research funding awards in excess of one million dollars, plus additional travel and equipment awards valued at over $300,000. She has been part of faculty teams on both the PEGASAS and SOAR Centers of Excellence, multi-institution research Centers funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, with potential total awards in excess of 5 million dollars.

Prior to coming to Embry-Riddle, Dr. Bowen served on the faculty at Purdue University. While at Purdue, Dr. Bowen co-founded the Applied Human Factors Research Laboratory and A3IR-CORE Research Center, bringing research and analytic expertise from psychology, aviation, and other industries to improve the human component of high-consequence industries. She also previously held positions as Assistant Director and research faculty for the National Center for Aviation Safety Research at Saint Louis University and as a training coordinator and consultant for industry.

As Department Chair, Dr. Bowen redesigned the curriculum of the B.S. in Safety Science to create a B.S. degree in Industrial Psychology and Safety. She also developed the curriculum and implementation for a new B.S. degree program in Forensic Psychology, utilizing expertise across the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Security & Intelligence at ERAU. She has overseen program review and specialized accreditation processes for multiple curricula.

Dr. Bowen serves as Communications Director for the Association for Aviation Psychology, associate editor of the Journal of Aviation Technology & Engineering, and is a member of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology; Association for Aviation Psychology; the American Psychological Association; the Association for Psychological Science; APA Div. 21: Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology; APA Div. 5: Evaluation, Measurement & Statistics; and American Mensa, Ltd.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial - Organizational Psychology; Graduate Minor: Research Methodology, Saint Louis University
  • M.S. - Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Saint Louis University

  • CEIOP 396: Coop Ed Ind Org Psyc


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Recent Media Appearances:

Washington Post. (2019, June 27). "Airlines have collected $1.3 billion in baggage fees so far this year."

El Mercurio Newspaper (Chile). (2019, May 15). “Viajar de pie en los aviones ¿se hará realidad? Esto es lo que propone la empresa italiana Aviointeriors con su diseño de los asientos SkyRider.”

National Public Radio. (2019, January 25). “Shutdown’s toll reached the skies as staff shortages caused delays at LaGuardia.”

Washington Post. (2019, January 21). “10 percent of TSA workers called out Sunday as shutdown continues.”

Washington Post. (2019, January 15). “For now, the skies remain safe, officials say, but the shutdown is stressing the nation’s air safety system.”

KTAR News Radio. (2018, August 13). Live interview on Horizon airplane theft and crash.

National Public Radio. (2018, July 12). “Tired of tiny seat and no legroom on flights? Don’t expect it to change. All Things Considered.

The New York Times. (2018, July 6). “F.A.A. Declines to regulate seat size.”

ResearchER Magazine – (Fall 2017). “What makes a safe pilot?” Interview/feature article on research. p. 8-11.

Discovery Channel Canada – “Daily Planet” (filmed 2017, August 16). Feature segment on UAS applications in aviation accident investigation and safety training. Airing date tbd.

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Live Interview from Washington DC, Meet the Press (March 29, 2015):

Feature Article, Flying Magazine:


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· American Psychological Association
· Aerospace Medical Association

· APA Division 21: Applied Experimental & Engineering Psychology

· APA Division 5: Evaluation, Measurement, & Statistics

· Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

· Association for Psychological Science

· American Mensa, Ltd.


  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) University service award.
  • Competitively selected and institutionally funded to attend Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Institute at Bryan Mawr College – the pre-eminent leadership development program for women in higher education.
  • Appointed Member, Aviation Security & Emergency Management committee, Transportation Research Board (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine). Washington, D.C.
  • Invited Aviation Expert to media for The Boeing Company.
  • Boeing Recognition Award, The Boeing Company, St. Louis, MO.
  • Purdue University Award for Excellence in Distance Learning.