Glenn Harmon

Associate Professor of Aeronautical Science
Aeronautical Science Department
Daytona College of Aviation

Areas of Expertise

High Altitude Physiology, Aircrew Fatigue
Glenn Harmon

  • M.S. - Master of Science in Human Development Counseling, Vanderbilt University

  • CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
  • ATP - Airline Transport Pilot

  • AS 357: Flight Physiology
  • AS 472: Oprtnl Applns Aero Science

AS 132, AS 232, AS 221, AS 357, AS 472

Professor Glenn Harmon brings a varied aviation background to the Embry-Riddle classroom including military, airline and general aviation. He began his love with flying as a cadet in Air Force ROTC at East Carolina University. During his distinguished military career, he served as a Weapons System Officer (WSO) on the F-111 supersonic swing wing fighter in Europe and as a navigation instructor on the T-43 while teaching at the USAF Air Force Academy. After returning from Desert Storm in 1991, he was selected to attend the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine to become an aviation physiologist and commanded a hypobaric chamber unit at Langley AFB training aircrews, civilian pilots and parachutists in high altitude physiology. Professor Harmon continued his flying as an airline pilot with Atlantic Coast Airlines and Independence Air based at Washington-Dulles airport. There he flew the British Aerospace Jetstream 41 and the Bombardier CRJ as a captain, instructor and line check airman. He has spent numerous hours in general aviation as a flight instructor, National Intercollegiate Flying Association coach, aircraft owner and advocate of flying safety and education.

Certified Aerospace Physiologist (CAsP)