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Hong Liu

Hong Liu was awarded Ph.D. in Mathematics and MS in Computer Science at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in 2000. Currently, he serves as a professor in mathematics and computing at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He taught mathematics, computer science, and data science over past two decades. He served as PI and Co-PI of 15 sponsored research projects including research grants from NSF, US Air Force, and DOE, and published numerous peer-reviewed journal and proceeding articles in partial differential equations, model-checking, robotics, data science, and STEM education. Currently, Liu is working on educational data mining to improve computer-supported collaborative learning environment and enhance the problem-solving competence of adult learners.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, University of Arkansas

  • DS 544: Data Visualization
  • MA 345: Diff Equations & Matrix Method
  • DS 444: Scientific Visualization

Undergraduate Mathematics courses: Statistics,  College Algebra, Trigonometry, all Calculus Series, Ordinary Diff. Equations,  Advance Engineering Mathematics 

Undergraduate Computer/Computational Science Courses,  Discrete Math and Data Structure, Data Mining, Scientific Visualization (co-teach), Mathematical Modeling and simulation

Graduate Math and Computer Science Courses: Partial Differential Equations, Model-Based Verification
(co-teach), Data Mining, Data Visualization, Data-Driven Modeling, and Graduate Research Project for Software Engineering, and Data Science.

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Model Checking and Application to Software Engineering
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Computational Science Education
[14] H. Liu, Mathematical Modeling and Visualization, a Preliminary Course Design for
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1.  Founded Leverage (Learning enhancement via experimentation research and guided exploration) Research Lab in 2011 

2. Supervise and lead the development of the Eco-Dolphin AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), a REU project in progress sponsored primarily by ERAU undergraduate research grants ($30,000 to date).

3. Offer SeaPerch Robotics Summer Camp to middle school students 

4.  Investigated and built a SBS Driver of Kmax data acquisition system for Jefferson Lab with the helps of three students in 2003-2004. This project results in three releases:  KSBS Driver 1.2 for Winow-XP, KSBS Driver 1.2 for MacOS-X , KSBS Driver 2.2 for MacOS-X (Funded $7,0000 to R.B. Piercey and J.E. McKisson) http://www.sparrowcorp.com/downloads/user-area-downloads, ID12090502, Lui_KSBS-617

5.   Investigated and built a device driver of Kmax data acquisition system that operates a family of NI-DIO cards for Jefferson Lab with the helps of three students 2004 – 2005.

6.   Supervise students to implement a project on Gamma Camera Images Calibration for  Jefferson Lab (2005 – 2006)


Advising the SIAM Student Chapter at Embry-RIddle Aeronautical University 

  •  Mastered many software CASE/Computation tools (MATLAB, OSATE, Statemates, NuSMV, UPPAAL, Stella, OpCat, ANNIE, Weka, GATE, ParaView, etc.) and skills for math modeling, model-checking, and visualization
  • Commanded many programming languages (C/C++, Java, Objective C, JNI, etc.) and developed several software packages, including real-time embedded systems.
1.   Awarded 5 professional certificates in Software Testing from the summer workshops sponsored by International Institute for Software Testing in Orlando in 2001.
2.   Awarded a certificate of a summer course:  System Development with
UML and Object-Process Methodology from MIT in 2002.
3. Summer  Workshop on Computational Geometry and Applications - DIMACS (Discrete Math and Computer Science) sponsored by NSF, University of Rutgers in 2002.
4.   Awarded 4 certificates in Computational Science Education in the summer workshops of NCSI (National Computational Science Institute, or Shodor), or 2003-2004, one in 2011.
  5.   Awarded a certificate in Natural Language Processing and Visualization, summer   workshop offered by CCICADA, a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence, 2010. 
Member of ACM, Association for Computing Machinery
Member of SIAM, Society of Industry and Applied Mathematics 
Member of CUR,   Council of Undergraduate Research