Jacob Zwick

Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department
College of Engineering
Jacob Zwick

33 years aerospace industry experience in mechanical engineering, thermal analysis, structural analysis, team leadership and program management.  Retired from Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, December, 2013. 

  • M.S. - Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics, University of Arizona

  • AE 421: Aircraft Detail Design
  • ME 314: Instrmntn & Data Acqstn Lab
  • ME 313: Instrmntn & Data Acquisition

AE416/417 Aerospace Structures and Instrumentation Laboratory and Lecture

EGR200 Conceptual Design (CATIA)

EGR101 Introduction to Engineering

ES201 Engineering Mechanics - Statics

UNIV101 College Success

AE420 Preliminary Aircraft Design

AE421 Detail Aircraft Design

ME313 Mechanical Engineering Data Acquisition

ME314 Mechanical Engineering Data Acquisition Lab

J.W. Zwick, “Thermal Analysis of the TOW Flight Motor Nozzle”, Proceedings of the Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force (JANNAF) Propulsion Conference, New Orleans, LA, 1983.

J.W. Zwick, “Effect of Surface Flatness on Interface Heat Transfer”, Semi-Therm Conference Proceedings, San Diego, CA, 1988.

J.W. Zwick and C.S. Desai, “Thermo-Structural Analysis of a 313-Pin Plastic Ball Grid Array”, Proceedings of the ASME Interpak99 Conference, Lahaina, HI, 1999.

J.W. Zwick, “Lessons Learned from the ESSM Radome Failure Investigation”, Proceedings from the 9th DoD Electromagnetic Windows Symposium, Huntsville, AL, 2003.

J.W. Zwick, “Lifecycle Considerations in the Design of Thermal Protection Systems”, National Space and Missile Materials Symposium, Huntsville, AL, 2004.

J.W. Zwick, “Aero-thermal Heating Capability Enhancement”, Raytheon Mechanical Materials Technology Network Proprietary Proceedings, Tucson, AZ, 2005.

Industrial experience as a thermal analyst, department manager, Chief Engineer and Program Manager.  Led numerous failure investigations and proposal efforts.  Led production and development programs.  

AIAA (Member)

Private Pilot, 511 hours total time, single engine land airplane with Instrument and Commercial Ratings

2010 – US Army Letter of Commendation for Excalibur IOTE Support

2003 – Letter of commendation for support of Maverick Program Cryo-Engine Litigation

2001 – Letter of commendation for support of Standard Missile II Block IVA Proof Test Development

1998 – Electro-Optical Sensor Technology Network Award for development of a Proof Test for IR Missile Domes