James Hanamean

Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Mathematics,Physical & Life Sciences
Worldwide College of Arts & Sciences
Worldwide campus

Mr. Hanamean is a full-time instructor and the associate discipline chair of Physical and Life Sciences. He has been with Embry-Riddle Worldwide since 2005. 

Mr. Hanamean’s research interests include vegetation greenness impacts on maximum and minimum temperatures in Northeast Colorado. He also is interested in ways to incorporate technology into the classroom to improve the learning and teaching experience.

Beyond the classroom, Mr. Hanamean enjoys writing science fiction, studying the Bible with others, playing guitar and spending time with his family. 

  • M.S. - Master of Science in Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, Florida State University

  • PHYS 102: Explorations in Physics

Mr. Hanamean has served as an adjunct faculty member and director of academics at Worldwide’s Seymour Johnson Campus. He spent 26 years in the U.S. Air Force in various command, staff and operational positions.