James D. Teigen

Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Business Administration
College of Business

Office Hours

10-4 CST/CDT, before or after Class.

Areas of Expertise

Expert Risk Management

Expert Insurance/Insurance Claims

Workers Comp

Expert Human Factors

Expert Accident Investigation

Expert Accident Reconstruction

Expert System Safety

Crisis Management

Expert Strategic Managment

Expert Labor Relations

Auditing by: IRS, Department of Labor

Logistics Management

Process Management/Flow

Expert Witness Interviewing

James D. Teigen served in the USAF for nearly 26 years as Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Flight Safety Officer, Chief of Safety, System Safety expert, Accident Investigator and Platform Instructor.

He worked for the US DOT as Instructor of Risk Management and Crew Resource Management.

He was a National Sales Manager, and Business Manager, promoted to Vice President of two Corporations, and named President of his Company, 2012-present.

  • M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration in Management, Louisiana Tech University
  • B.B.A. - Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, Texas Tech University

  • Private Pilot - Federal Aviation Administration

I have taught for ERAU since the Spring of 1997.  As of October 2015, I have 87 terms taught comprising of the following courses/terms taught.  I started in the safety area, teaching 18 terms in classes like Aviation Safety Program Management to Accident Investigation.  I taught 27 terms of Economics, and Marketing courses.  Lately, I have taught 42 terms of the following courses:  International Business, Aviation Labor Relations, Loss Control Insurance, Small Business Management and Strategic Management.

            Mr. Teigen has over 25 years of Air Force experience as a pilot, Aircraft Commander, Instructor Pilot, Flight Commander, Chief of Training Flight, and acting Operations Officer for B-52’s.

            Additionally he has over 19 years of experience spanning three major commands as a unit safety representative, squadron assigned flight safety officer, wing flight safety officer, wing chief of flight safety, wing chief of safety, headquarters safety project officer, and headquarters assistant chief of flight safety, for two MAJCOMs.  He has mishap investigation experience on: numerous interim investigations, served on two and facilitated on three formal investigation boards, and managed the support for over 50 formal safety investigations.  He was the MAJCOM reviewing officer for over 50 formal investigations and participated in system safety groups for 13 different weapons systems and numerous other sub-systems.

            Mr. Teigen was acknowledged as an Air Force expert in the following areas of safety: systems safety, acquisition safety, human factors, composite aircraft construction/investigation, advanced technologies, weather concerns, Crew Resource Management, aircraft investigation, and safety program management.  He routinely was asked to offer changes to Air Force Instructions on safety program management, accident investigations and MAJCOM level safety instructions.  He was the senior representative for the MAJCOMs at System Safety Groups for the following fleet flight safety programs: B-52, B-1, B-2, U-2, SR-71, KC/RC/EC/WC/OA-135, KC-10, E-3, E-4, T-37, T-38, QF-106, and the Airborne Laser Lab.

            Through his retirement on March 31, 1998, he was the Director of Air Combat Command’s (ACC’s) Safety Training.  He implemented and managed ACC’s formal safety training program for flight, ground, and weapons/explosives as well as program management.  He provided guidance, directives and mishap prevention efforts for all ACC active and gained units (Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves).

            He was recognized as a human factor expert in ACC and the Air Force.  As a result of his first formal investigation, Air Training Command implemented a “Manifestation of Apprehension” regulation regarding all undergraduate flying students.  He has reviewed over 50 formal Air Force investigations, including quality control of all the human factor reports of the formal reports, directing corrections to investigation reports.  He has attended all Air Force human factors conferences from 1988 to 1995 as a MAJCOM representative.  Taught human factors issues for MAJCOM Safety Board Presidents Courses 1988 - 1995.  He was on the Air Force Cockpit Resource Management Steering Committee as a MAJCOM representative from 1990 - 1995.  He advised B-1 and B-2 cockpit layout during design, redesign and modifications to the cockpit areas.  He has authored human factor articles for safety magazines.

            Mr. Teigen attended many Air Force schools including, Squadron Officer School, air Command and Staff College, Air War college, courses: Flight Safety Officers, Chief of Safety, Central flight Instructor’s, Senior Officers Nuclear Accident, and Systems Safety Management.  He is a professional member in good standing of the American Society of Safety Engineers, a full member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, and a Dedalion.  He was also awarded the Air Force Chief of Staff Individual Safety Award, 1987.

            Mr. Teigen was a contract instructor for the US Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Institute, instructing Operational Risk Management for the Air Force during 1998.  He is a member of ISASI and as such maintains his contacts with the flight safety staffs of American and Continental Airlines. He has been the System Safety Instructor for the University of Washington and the AFIT course for the Air Force System Safety Management Course at Kirtland AFB, NM, for two years.

            Mr. Teigen was on the working group within the Air Force to foster and build the Cockpit/Crew Resource Management program.  Additionally, as a flight instructor and platform instructor in undergraduate pilot training in the Air Force and as platform instructor for the final three years of his military career, his working knowledge of learning theory is established by training in Air Training Command, and Air Combat Command. His vast experience as a safety investigator and program manager for 19 years in the Air Force also help qualify him for this area of expertise. 

            Mr. Teigen was previously employed by OccuNomix Intl LLC of Port Jefferson Station, NY, as the Vice President of Technical Services and Training for the Corporation.

He is the President and GM of Altus Athletic responsible for all daily, and day to day operations are his responsibility:  sales, marketing, sourcing in the Pacific Rim, inventory management, margins, and profitability for the Corporation are his responsibility.  Prior to that for five years he was the National Sales Manager, followed by being the Business Manager for his company, and vice President.  He was responsible for day to day operations, plans and executions.  He managed the inventory, orders for materials and goods within the United States as well as globally.  He also handled all technical issues and inquires from the public.

            He is on the Board of Directors for an exercise equipment company and has been for over 16 years. He is now the Vice Chairman of the Board.  He was also on the Board of Trustees for the International Safety Equipment Association [ISEA] for three years.

            He was the Chairman for the High Visibility Group for American and presiding over rules [ANSI standards: ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 and ANSI/ISEA 207-2006] for traffic safety and responder traffic vests for the United States.  He also served on their Strategic Plans and Programs Committee as well as their New Membership Committee.

            He was selected and elected to one of the 53 slots for Delegates for the National Safety Council [NSC].  He has five years experience as Delegate to the NSC.  He sits on their Strategic Planning Committee.  He has been assigned to the Strategic Planning Working Group and has participated in their meetings. 

Professional Member of American Society of Safety Engineers.  1989-present.

Full Member of International Society of Air Safety Investigators.  1989-present

Delegate to the National Safety Council.  2010-present.

Chairman of the ISEA Hi Visibility Rules Committee building the ANSI/ISEA 107 and 207 Standards.  2004-2013.

Member of the Order of Daedalians, 1997-present.

Air Force Chief of Staff Individual Safety Award, 1987.

Dyess Campus Faculty of the Year.  2007.

Board of Trustee for the International Safety Equipment Association, 2004-2007.

Board of Directors for Altus Athletic Mfg. Co., 1999-present.