Jason Aufdenberg

Associate Professor
Physical Sciences Department
Daytona College of Arts & Sciences
Jason Aufdenberg

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Arizona State University

  • PS 150: Physics for Engineers I

PS 150 Physics for Engineers I with Calculus 

PS 301 Astronomy

PS 318 Introductory Astronomy & Astrophysics Laboratory 

PS 401 Astrophysics I

PS 405 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
PS 408 Astrophysics II

EP 345 Space Sciences Seminar 

EP 393 Spaceflight Dynamics

EP 420 Planetary Science 
EP 425 Observational Astronomy 

EP 492 Senior Thesis

HON 350 History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy

HON 350 The Moon in Science, History and Culture.

Link to my research papers on the NASA Astrophysics Data System.

Link to my CV