Leroy Long III

Associate Professor
Engineering Fundamentals
College of Engineering
Leroy Long III

Dr. Leroy Long III is an Associate Professor of Engineering Fundamentals at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. Dr. Long directs a research team called Engineering, Arts & Sports Engagement (EASE). His research interests include: (a) educational equity and racial justice, (b) student retention and career readiness, as well as (c) students' ethical reasoning and technology use, with a particular focus on STEM students. He helped to lead research, funded by the NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant, to improve the well-being of the student-athlete through support of their career readiness. He also helped to secure funding from NSF (award # 2024973) to examine the potential benefit of using critical narratives as a pedagogical tool in the professional formation of engineers.

Dr. Long has served on two NSF advisory boards (award # 1734347 and 1159666). As a graduate student, he also assisted with research, funded by NSF (award # 0747304), to study factors that broaden minoritized student participation and success in STEM fields. He has conducted and published research with the Movement Lab and various centers at OSU. Most of Dr. Long's research has focused on the academic and social experiences of Black and Latinx groups as well as student-athletes in STEM fields. Due to his strong belief in research to practice, he has produced numerous infographics.

Dr. Long has taught undergraduates in the First-Year Engineering Program and Department of Mechanical Engineering at OSU. He has served as a facilitator for both the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT) and Young Scholars Program (YSP) while also becoming a Bell Fellow at OSU. Furthermore, Dr. Long has worked in industry at Toyota through participation in INROADS. He has a high record of service with organizations such as the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) and National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

Dr. Long earned his PhD in STEM Education with a focus on Engineering Education within the Department of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University (OSU). He earned his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at OSU and his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Wright State University. Dr. Long is a native of Dayton, OH. He is a proud graduate of Dayton Public Schools and Wright STEPP - Wright State University's Science, Technology, and Engineering Preparatory Program (STEPP). 

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in STEM Education: Teaching and Learning, Ohio State University-Main Campus
  • M.S. - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University-Main Campus

  • EGR 120: Graphical Communications

EGR 195A - Spatial Visualization 

EGR 195B - Introductory Problems for Engineering Applications

EGR 120 - Graphical Communications

ME 700A - Research Methods

Published Articles*

  • Long, L. L., III, & Mejia, J. A. (2016). Conversations about diversity: Institutional barriers for underrepresented engineering students. Journal of Engineering Education. doi:10.1002/jee.20114
  • Long, L. L., III, & Srinivasan, M. (2013). Walking, running, and resting under time, distance, and average speed constraints: Optimality of walk-run-rest mixtures. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 10(81). 20120980. doi:10.1098/rsif.2012.0980

Refereed Conference Proceedings & Papers*

  • Rodgers, K. J., Pembridge, J. J., Long, L. L., III, Verleger, M. A., & Steinhauer, H. M. (2017). “Small wins – Big impact: Narratives from behind the scenes.” Proceedings from 2017 First-Year Engineering Experience (FYEE) Conference in Daytona Beach, FL. Retrieved from http://fyee.asee.org/FYEE2017/papers/20950.pdf
  • Long, L. L., III & Henderson, T. S. (2017). Lessons learned from successful Black male “buoyant believers” in engineering and engineering-related fields. Proceedings from 2017 American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference and Exposition. Columbus, OH. Retrieved from https://peer.asee.org/28620
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  • Long, L. L., III. (2016). How undergraduates’ involvement affects sense of belonging in courses that use technology. Proceedings from 2016 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. New Orleans, LA. doi:10.18260/p.25491
  • Long, L. L., III. (2016). Investigating first-year engineering students’ technology use and academic achievement: development and validation of an assessment tool. Proceedings from 2016 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. New Orleans, LA. doi:10.18260/p.27322
  • Long, L. L., III & Jordan, K. L. (2016). Enhancing engineering students’ communication skills through a team-based graphics course project. Digest from 70th Midyear Technical Conference: Graphical Expressions of Engineering Design. Daytona Beach, FL. http://commons.erau.edu/asee-edgd/conference70/papers-2016/5
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  • Long, L. L., III. (2013). Examining student success: The transition from H.S. to college of first-year engineering students. Proceedings from 2013 ASEE North Central Section Conference, Columbus, OH. http://people.cst.cmich.edu/yelam1k/asee/proceedings/2013/papers/91.pdf
  • Long, L. L., III, Williams, M. S., & Strayhorn, T. L. (2013). How relationships with faculty and peers affect value development in undergraduate engineering education: A national survey analysis. Proceedings from 2013 ASEE North Central Section Conference, Columbus, OH. http://people.cst.cmich.edu/yelam1k/asee/proceedings/2013/papers/90.pdf
  • Long, L. L., III, Snyder, A., Stech, R., Jelen, B., & Allison, C. (2013). First-year engineering program: Student instructional leadership team – expanded and restructured. Proceedings from 2013 ASEE North Central Section Conference, Columbus, OH. http://people.cst.cmich.edu/yelam1k/asee/proceedings/2013/papers/92.pdf
  • Long, L. L., III, & Srinivasan, M. (2012). Realistic gait transitions: Experiment and theory. Dynamic Walking Conference. Pensacola Beach, FL. 

* Note: This list was last updated on 8/9/2017; Infographics and more recent publications can be found via the following link:


Co-Advisor and Member: National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Member: American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Member: American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)

The Oppenheimer Award for Best Paper Presentation, ASEE EDGD 70th Midyear Conference, “Enhancing Engineering Students’ Communication Skills through a Team-Based Graphics Course Project,” 2016

Third-Place – Best Student Poster in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, 28th Annual Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum, “How Student Involvement Affects Feelings of Connectedness in Courses that Use Technology,” 2014

First-Place – Best Student Paper, 2013 ASEE North Central Section Conference, “How Engagement with Faculty and Peers Affects Value Development in Undergraduate Engineering Education: A National Survey Analysis”