Linda V. Weiland

Associate Professor of the Practice, College of Aeronautics; Associate Program Coordinator, BS in Aviation Maintenance
Department of Undergraduate Studies
Worldwide College of Aeronautics

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Linda V. Weiland

Linda is a Full-Time Faculty at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide and the College of Aeronautics. Linda teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses and is a course developer. Linda began her career in aviation in the United States Navy in 1975 as an enlisted air traffic controller. After completing her Bachelor’s degree from Embry Riddle Linda accepted a commission and became a Naval Officer, and spent 16 years as an Aeronautical Maintenance Duty Officer, retiring as a highly decorated Navy Lieutenant Commander. During Linda’s active duty, she completed the first of her two Master’s degrees with Embry Riddle and began serving as an adjunct professor in 1993 for ERAU. After completing a successful Career in the Navy Linda spent four years at a major airline as a Liaison Engineer ensuring complete airworthiness with the Federal Aviation Association coordinating all aircraft modifications for Boeing aircraft, specializing in mechanical, structural, and fuel systems. She was the primary weight and balance engineer and served as the Director of Project Management on over 36 projects to include maintenance modernization and establishing new routes for the airline. In 2006, Linda accepted the Director of Academic Support for the Embry-Riddle Kaneohe Center. In 2011, Linda accepted a full-time faculty position within the College of Aeronautics specializing in both air traffic control and aviation maintenance. Linda serves on publication committees for numerous aviation organizations both in academic and industry organizations. Linda’s research interests are in the air transportation industry worldwide focusing on air traffic control, the national and international airspace programs, aviation maintenance advancement, aviation curriculum development and aviation workplace diversity.

  • M.A.S. - Master of Aeronautical Science in Av Aerospace Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration in Bus Admin Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Profess Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • Editorial Board Member and International Scientific Committee Member of CAMME 2018 (Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • 2018 2nd International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering (CAMME 2018)
  • CTO - Control Tower Operator

ASCI 327-Aviation Work Force Management in a Global Environment, 433 Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 490 Aeronautical Science Capstone Course

AMNT 490 Aviation Maintenance Capstone Course

ASCI 602 The Air Transportation System, 603 Aircraft and Spacecraft Development, 606 Global Air traffic Management, 609 Aviation Maintenance Management, 620 Air Carrier Operations, 624 Global Aviation Leadership: Critical Decision Making in Air traffic Systems, 690 Graduate Capstone Projects

COIN Co-Operative Education and Internship 496, 497, 498, 696 (The student will gain practical learning experience in full-time or part-time employment that is related to the student's degree program and career goals. Course title and level are based on work assignment.)

MGMT 331 Transportation Principles, 420 Management of Production and Operations

MAVM 601 Leadership in Global Aviation Maintenance Organizations, 605 Global Maintenance Resource Management, 615 Strategic Management of Global Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Operations, 620 Project Management for Aviation Maintenance


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

2016    Ison, D., Herron, R. & Weiland, L. (2016) Two decades of progress of minorities in aviation. Journal of Aviation technology and Engineering, 6 (1). Doi: 10.7771/2159-6670.1141

2016    Newcomer, J. M., Clark, P. J., Button, D. K., & Weiland, L. V. (2016). Gender diversity in aircraft maintenance: A cross-sectional triangulation of male perspectives. Journal of Gender Studies, 25(6), 1-13. doi:10.1080/09589236.2016.1243046

2016    Holt, T.B., Moallemi, M., Weiland, L., Earnhardt, M., & McMullen, S. Department of Commerce. (2016). Aircraft cyber security and information exchange safety analysis for the department of commerce.

2016    Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Transportation Research Board (TRB) – Project 11-03/Synthesis/Topic S02-16 FY2016- Airport Experience with Implementing Notifications Required by the Aircraft Drinking Water Rule project panelist

2016    Burgess, S., Ison, D., Sanders, B., Vincenzi, D., Weiland, L., & Whealan-George, K. (2016). Transitioning to the Virtual Classroom (TVC). Grant application for FAA Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance. 

2015    McAndrew, I., Ison, D., Moran, K., Weiland, L., (2015). Identification of Air Traffic Management Principles Influential in the Development of an Airport Arrival Delay Prediction Model ERAU Journal of Aviation /Aerospace Education and Research – 2015


2018 Weiland, L., Wei, G. (2018) Evaluating the Impact of NextGen’s Air Traffic System on Aviation Security. Presented at International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering (CAMME)

2016    Ison, D, Herron, R., Wieland, L. (2016). The status of women faculty in four-year aviation higher education programs. Presentation presented at the Women in Aviation International, Nashville, TN.

2016    Moran, K and Weiland, L. Hosted Diversity and Inclusion Panel (A3IR) Conference 2016

2015 Clark, P., Wilson, G., Weiland, L. (2015). “Analyzing the Importance of Aviation Diversity and Inclusion?” Paper Presented at Aviation/Aerospace/Aeronautics International Research (A3IR) Conference 2015

2014 Clark, P., Wilson, G., Weiland, L (2014). Women in Aviation: Have We Reached our Ceiling? Submitted and presented at Bollinger-Rosado Symposium 2014

Experience: Linda is an Assistant Professor, Full Time Faculty at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide and the College of Aeronautics.  Linda teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses and is a course developer.  Linda is currently assigned to the Graduate Department and recently led the development of a graduate Specialization in Global Air Traffic Management. Likewise, Linda is a member of the Faculty Senate as a Senator for the COA, serving on the Under Graduate Curriculum Committee and Faculty Handbook Committee. She is the first President of the ERAU Worldwide Women in Aviation International Virtual Chapter and sits on the Board as a nonvoting member. In 2011, Linda accepted a full-time faculty position within the College of Aeronautics specializing in both air traffic control and aviation maintenance. Prior to joining the Graduate Department, Linda served the College of Aeronautics as the Liaison to the Singapore Campus, Program Chair for the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance degree program, Aeronautical Science Discipline Chair and Air Traffic Control Discipline Chair.  In 2006, Linda accepted the Director of Academic Support for the Embry-Riddle Kaneohe Center. Prior to that Linda was adjunct faculty for over 10 years. Before Joining ERAU full-time Linda completed 26 years in Aviation (air traffic control and aeronautical maintenance duty officer) in the US Navy and six years as a liaison engineer for a major airline.

Research: Linda’s interests are in the air transportation industry worldwide, focusing on Global Air Traffic Control and Management, with a special interest in safe, secure and efficient airspace, human factors, airport management, and aviation maintenance and aviation curriculum development. She has worked with fellow colleagues in research for the Airport Cooperative Research Program Transportation Research Board (TRB) under The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. She is active in the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) and a member of both their publication and cyber committees. Also active in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA ASSURE) program and Center of Excellence, International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE), International Academy of Science and Engineering for Development (IASED), Department of Commerce, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and other air transportation and diversity areas.



Reviewer, Member Science - International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE) in both Europe and Asia (2016- present)

Reviewer and technical committee International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic engineering (CAMME) (2016 – present)

Reviewer, International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics, and Aerospace (IJAAA) (2014- present)

Reviewer, Collegiate Aviation Review (CAR) (2014- present)

Researcher, editor, reviewer Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) – member of the Publication and Cyber Security Committees (2011 – present)

Participated in FAA Mega Maintenance Conferences in Hawaii (2008-2012)

Member, University Aviation Association (UAA) (2014- present) Member of Air Traffic Education Committee

Member, Hong Kong Society of Mechanical Engineers (HSKME) (2014- present)

Member, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) (2015- present)

Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (2016- present)

 Member, Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) (2014- present)

Member, Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) (2014- present)


College of Aeronautics Member Student engagement committee (2018 – present)

College of Aeronautics Member Communication across the Curriculum Committee (2018 – present)

College of Aeronautics Member Faculty Council College of Aeronautics (2018- present)

Elected Faculty Senate ERAU Worldwide (2013- 2018)

Chair for Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, ERAU Worldwide (2012- 2018)

Member, of Faculty Handbook Committee ERAU (2015- 2018)

Member Curriculum Management Tool Design Review Committee (2012)

President, Women in Aviation International ERAU Worldwide Chapter (2015-2016) Current Board member

Member, Diversity track committee at the 2016 AIR3 Conference (2014 - 2016)

Co-Chair on Focus group for Next Generation of Aviation Professionals ERAU (2014- 2016)

Member design and development of minor course of study under BS in Aviation Maintenance, the Aviation Maintenance Operations Minor (2013)

Course Developer ASCI 327 Aviation Workforce Management in a Global Environment (2013)

Assisted Team Hawaii on Aviation Accreditation Board International (ABBI)

Faculty representation College of Aeronautics to Singapore (2014- 2016)

Lead on graduate specialization in Air Traffic Management (2016 2017)

Assisted with ERAU Hawaii Graduation (2006 present)

Member, ERAU Alumni Association active with Hawaii group (2004- present)

Assisted in the 12-9 week compression project of Undergraduate courses (2011)

Assisted team Hawaii presenting ERAU programs to local airports and outer island locations

Assisted Anchorage Campus and participated in the Alaska Airman’s Association conference (2014)


American Association of University Women (AAUW) –Past Honolulu President (2001- to present)

Zonta – Past Honolulu President and Area Director (2004- present)

Junior League (2002- present)

Daughter of the American Revolution (2007- present)

Pearl Harbor Yacht Club Past Commodore

International order of the Blue Gavel (2010- present)

Volunteer, Kaneohe Yacht Club (2015- present)

Volunteer, Vets America (2014- present)

Volunteer, high school robotics judge (2012 present)

Ambassador to Cuba on a People-to-People trip (2012)

Ambassador to Poland on a Zonta trip speaking on Status of Women US/Warsaw (2012)

Formal presentations on gender issues for woman in Cuba to professional organizations in Hawaii (2012)

Member, Women in Aviation Scholarship Committee (2012)

Linda is on the editorial staff of three Aviation Journals and works with high schools around the country in Robotics, Z-Girls, and STEM endeavors. Linda is also the Past President of American Association of University Women (AAUW) and ZONTA in Hawaii. She has also been on boards and committees for Women in Aviation, Jr. League, and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Linda's certifications include Federal Aviation Administration Control Tower Operator (CTO); Defense acquisition certified. DAWIA level II Acquisition AQD, Manufacturing and Production. DAWIA Acquisition Professional Community APC, APM fully qualified. DAWIAI level I logistics support, and logistics maintenance.

Her professional memberships include University Aviation Association; Air Traffic Control Association; Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International; Women in Aviation/ Woman Military Aviators/Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance; Professional Aviation Maintenance Association; American Association of University Women; and Zonta.

2018- CAMME Best Paper Presentation Evaluating the Impact of NextGen’s Air Traffic Systems on Aviation Security Weiland, L., Wei, G.

2016 – International Academy of Science and Engineering for Development 2016 – Received two Certificates of Appreciation from ERAU for continuing support of Massive Open Online Courses

2016- 2015 - International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE) research reviewer letter of appreciation

2015 - Received President’s Citation of Merit from President and CEO of Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) as a member of the ATCA Publication committee for exemplary work in air traffic control and overall enhancement of and contribution to air traffic control and the aviation community