Marc Compere

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department
Daytona College of Engineering
Marc Compere

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas - Austin

  • ME 800: Dissertation
  • ME 700: Graduate Thesis
  • ME 414: Prelim Design Energy Systems
  • ME 414L: Prlimnry Dsgn Energy Syst Lab
  • ME 434L: Senior Design Energy Syst Lab
  • ME 434: Senior Design Energy Systems
  • ME 445: Sustainable Design

Mechanical Engineering Undergrad and Grad Courses:

   ME303 - Vehicle Dynamics

   ME313 / ME314 - Instrumentation and Data Acquisition and Lab

   ME414 / 434 - Senior Design and Lab

   ME508 - Hybrid Electric Vehicles

   ME595 - Practicum in Water Purification

   ME695B - Advanced Vehicle Dynamics


   ES201 - Engineering Statics

   HON350 - Honors Seminar III, Global Water

5 Years at SAIC in the Defense sector

ASME member since 1991