Mihhail Berezovski

Associate Professor
Mathematics Department
College of Arts & Sciences

Office Hours

M,W,F: 11AM-1PM

Areas of Expertise

  • Numerical Methods, Adaptive algorithms, Material Science, Data Science, Industrial Mathematics, Undergraduate Research
Mihhail Berezovski

Mihhail Berezovski is a tenured Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences and the coordinator of the Data Science track for the B.S. in Computational Mathematics program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

For the past ten years, Mihhail Berezovski has been at the forefront of creating data science expertise, cutting-edge data science applications and techniques in domain sciences, and successful cross-disciplinary and cross-sector engagement strategies.

His research focuses on applied data science in industrial mathematics, data-driven computational mathematics, and STEM education. His primary research interests include novel data science methods and techniques applied to practical problems in collaboration with industrial partners and professionals from other disciplines. Additionally, he combined applied data science with his long-standing research interests in computational mathematics.

Over the past few years, he has successfully developed cross-disciplinary partnerships in the field of applied data science with a number of ERAU departments, including Security Studies and International Affairs, Human Factors and Behavioral Neurobiology, Aviation Maintenance Science, and Civil Engineering.  As a result, he serves as co-principal investigator on two funded projects with METIS Solutions and DHS. He organized and effectively oversaw three additional funded cross-disciplinary undergraduate research programs last summer in addition to his NSF REU site.  This includes intercampus cooperation between the campuses in Daytona Beach and Prescott.

He is exceptionally skilled at forging alliances and partnerships with businesses, governments, industries, and non-profit organizations. Over the past five years, he has personally established long-term research collaborations with over ten organizations, businesses, and government labs, including the Nevada National Security Site in Las Vegas, Nevada, which has been involved in 13 projects since 2016, OneSky Flight, LLC in Daytona Beach, Florida, which has been involved in 9 projects since 2018, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, which has been involved in 5 projects since 2019, the Florida Democratic Party in Daytona Beach, Florida, which has been involved in 3, and many others. He has a history of effectively planning and supervising numerous research projects connected to industry at the same time (up to seven per semester), as well as corresponding with numerous industrial partners each semester (up to six).

His research agenda is aligned with the STEM education strategy, and its main objective is to improve students' and educators' data literacy across all levels. He established a long-lasting, productive research environment that is inclusive of undergraduates and conscious of instructing graduate students and other faculty on how to collaborate successfully with undergraduates.  He established a sustainable and successful model that allows students to conduct applied data science research by exposing them to problems outside of academia. The overarching goal is to prepare the next generation workforce through facilitated pathways and research opportunities based on original real-world problems provided directly by businesses and industry. 

To encourage students and teachers at all levels to engage in undergraduate research and applied data science, he created and oversaw a wide range of educational programs, such as research by undergraduates, professional development for teachers, and enrichment activities. He received funding from a number of organizations, including the National Science Foundation and the Mathematical Association of America. He has made significant contributions to teaching and has received several awards, including the ERAU COAS Dean's Award for Leadership and Innovation in 2022 and the Faculty Mentor of the Year Award in 2022.

In 2021, The National Science Foundation has awarded a $360,000 grant to Dr. Mihhail Berezovski for the development of a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site. The REU site will provide undergraduate students with opportunities to participate in authentic research projects in data-enabled industrial mathematics. The three-year grant was funded by NSF’s Division of Mathematical Sciences. It will support 10 participants for an 9-week period in the summer of each REU year, mentored by three faculty members, three mentors from industry, and two graduate students.

By extending experiential learning activities into the summer months, he created a year-round educational experience and raised the additional funds needed to support these initiatives. A modular course structure and new forms of collaborative team-based academic and career advising are products of the academic innovations he encouraged. He fosters a climate of belonging, respect, inclusion, and well-being that attracts individuals from various backgrounds and offers the assistance everyone needs to succeed. He oversees a number of ERAU programs that are specifically geared toward helping students who are struggling financially. 

Over 150 students from 13 universities have participated in over 50 major research projects under his supervision over the past seven years. These projects have resulted in numerous publications, a number of external awards, and 60 presentations with 129 students at 30 conferences, with 53% of them being at the national level. Targeted recruitment increased the proportion of historically underrepresented groups participating in STEM fields to 82% of all students. Eighty graduates total, and twenty-eight of them have already enrolled in graduate programs at schools like Princeton, Boston University, and Rice that are extremely selective. Prior to graduating, the majority of students in each cohort accepted multiple job offers from Fortune 100 companies, such as Northrop Grumman, Goldman Sachs Group, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon. Sixty percent of all graduates received job offers before graduation, with 47 percent coming from Fortune 100 companies. 40% of graduates went on to further their education at the graduate level. All students who received job offers stated that the most influential factor in their selection was their undergraduate research experience with Dr. Berezovski  at ERAU.

He is an inspiring speaker who supports undergraduate research and data science literacy. His cutting-edge strategies aim to inspire and empower students from historically underrepresented groups in STEM to take part in undergraduate research and learn data science skills. Several national conferences have featured his keynote and plenary speeches. 

The foundation for more extensive data science initiatives across the ERAU has been laid by Mihhail's work in these areas. In order to fully realize the potential of data science for society, he seeks to incite a sizeable long-term investment in cross-disciplinary and cross-sector engagement strategies that will help establish ERAU as a major player in bridging the gaps between applied data science research, education, and public good.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mechanics, Tallin Technological University

  • MA 242: Calculus & Analytical Geom II
  • MA 490: Capstone Project
  • MA 345: Diff Equations & Matrix Method
  • MA 210: Introduction to Data Science
  • MA 441: Math Methods Engr & Physics I
  • MA 390: Rsrch Proj in Industrial Math

MA222, MA241, MA242, MA243, MA345, MA390, MA441, MA442, MA490, MA499

2021-present Tenured Associate Professor 
Department of Mathematics, 
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

2015-2021 Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, 
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

2011-2015 Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Mathematical Sciences, 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA.

2011-2015 Researcher
Department of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics,
Institute of Cybernetics at TUT, Estonia.

2010-2011 Assigned Researcher
Laboratory of Wave Engineering,
Institute of Cybernetics at TUT, Estonia.

  • 2016-present SIAM, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, member
  • 2019-present MAA, Mathematical Association of America, member
  • 2020-present MAA BIG Sigmaa, member
  • 2021-present MAA UR Sigmaa, member
  • 2019-present CUR, Council on Undergraduate Research, member

2022 ERAU COAS Dean’s Award for Leadership & Innovation
2022 ERAU Office of Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor of the Year Award