Muna Slewa

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department
College of Engineering
Muna Slewa

  • Over 10 years extensive experience in teaching & instructing in universities & colleges Internationally & over 5 Years in the USA
  • Excellent knowledge of high impact research and development for ASME A36 steels, 304L Steel HY 100 Steel
  • Familiar with explosive welding metallurgical investigation and microstructure study and analysis Supervisor of Mechanical/Materials Engineering Laboratories
  • Research with large Labs like Los Alamos National lab, New Mexico
  • Research with industry, Fisher Space Pen, Boulder City Nevada.
  • Holding Patent about new melting crucibles from Iraqi raw materials Bauxite with some additives like white Doekhla kaolin clay, Alumina, Alumina Hydroxide and sodium silica as binding materials
  • Microscopic analysis using SEM and EBSD Microscope and XRD diffraction
  • Excellent knowledge in Online software and training skills
  • Excellent knowledge in manufacturing processes and workshop operations

Ph.D. DISSERTATION TITLE: Crystalline Phase Change in Steel Alloys due to High Speed Impact

PERSONAL INTERESTS: Writing Poetry, 3D Remodeling Design and Music

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

ES 201 Statics

ES 321 Materials

M. Slewa, A. Yousif, University of Technology, Baghdad Treatment of Iraq “Bauxite and its Application in Melting Crucibles“ 2005.

M. Slewa, B. O’Toole, M. Trabia, “Effect of High Velocity Impact on Grain Structure of A36 Steel”, Abstract, Photonic Doppler Velocimetry Workshop, Las Vegas, NV, June 24-26, 2014.

B. O’Toole, M. Trabia, M. Slewa, et al. “Plastic Deformation of Steel Plates under High Impact Loading” Department of Energy and supported Workshop, Las Vegas, NV,  Mar, 28 2014.

M.Slewa, Department of Mechanical Engineering “Investigation of Phase Change in A36 Steel as a Result of High Velocity Impact Loading” Workshop, Las Vegas, NV, May 2014.

TEACHING ASSISTANT                                 University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

  • Taught ME 421L Automatic Controls Lab.
  • Taught ME 302L Materials Mechanics Laboratory.
  • Extensive practical experience using: SEM (Scanning Election Microscope) XRD. Microscope, EBSD. Electron Back Scattered Diffraction Work as a Graduate Research with PDV workshop photonic Doppler Velocimetry (PDV) 2014.
  • Work as a Graduate Research in Los Alamos/ National laboratory.   
  • Researcher at on the Fischer Space Pen.
  • Researches and studies to improve on the Fischer Space Pen products.
  • Research study at Gas Gun Lab.
  • Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Taught Subjects:

  • Engineering Materials                             
  • Design Project                                      
  • Manufacturing Processes                        
  • Design Process and Methods                  
  • Computer Lab                                               
  • Undergraduate Math course                    
  • Metallurgy of Materials                           
  • Machine Workshop                               
  • Statics, Dynamics
  • Material Science
  • Strength of Materials
  • Computer Science Lab                           
  • Numerical Analysis                                
  • Metallurgy of Materials                          
  • Machine Design                                    
  • Manufacturing Process