Quentin Bailey

Professor of Physics
Physics and Astronomy Department
College of Arts & Sciences
Quentin Bailey

Quentin G Bailey is generally interested in tests of our best current fundamental theory of gravity, the general theory of relativity, and tests of classical Maxwell electrodynamics. So far, I have been studying the theoretical and experimental aspects of testing Lorentz symmetry, the spacetime symmetry of Special Relativity. The motivation for this work is twofold. First, Lorentz symmetry is a cornerstone of modern physics. As such, it should be an experimental precedent to test this principle in as many ways as possible. Second, recent work on fundamental theories of physics, that attempt to unify the Standard Model of particle physics and General Relativity, has pointed to the possibility of deviations from perfect Lorentz symmetry. In the ongoing search for new physics, high-precision, typically low-energy tests of Lorentz symmetry offer a promising alternative to conventional high-energy accelerator experiments. 

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Physics: Mathematics, Indiana University-Bloomington
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus

  • EP 800: Dissertation
  • PS 113: Introductory Physics I
  • PS 117L: Introductory Physics II Lab
  • PS 161: Physics I & II for Engineers
  • PS 490: Senior Research Thesis, Part I
  • PS 491: Sr Research Thesis, Part II
  • PS 430: Thermodyn & Stats Mechanics

Physics I, II, & III for Engineers
Modern Physics
Classical Mechanics
Particle Physics and Cosmology I & II
Electricity & Magnetism, parts I & II

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Visiting Scientist, Paris Observatory, Summer 2015

Visiting Associate Professor, Indiana University, Spring 2014

Research Assistant and Associate Instructor, Indiana University, 2001-2007

Peer Instructor of mathematics and Research Assistant in Fluid Dynamics, Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics, University of Pittsburgh, 1998-2001

Member: American Physical Society

American Association of Physics Teachers

Phi Beta Kappa

Sigma Pi Sigma

Campus Researcher of the Year, ERAU Prescott Campus, 2014-2015

3 year National Science Foundation $127,130 award "RUI Proposal to Test Fundamental Principles of General Relativity"

May 2010 and May 2009: Service Excellence Award Nomination, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Departmental Award as Outstanding Graduate Research Student in Research, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, April 2005.

Joseph and Sophia Konopinski Award as Outstanding Associate Instructor, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, March 2004.

Halliday-Resnick Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 2001.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy Academic Achievement Award, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 2000.