Raymond Sanders

Assistant Professor
Accounting, Economics, Finance & Information Sciences
College of Business

Areas of Expertise

Topics related to the instruction and application of economics and finance including comparative advantage, price elasticity, competitive markets and externalities. 
Raymond Sanders

Raymond Sanders is an assistant professor at the O’Maley College of Business and teaches courses in economics, finance and management. Prior to joining the University in 2012, he served in a variety of leadership positions including Executive Director and Regional General Manager, Asia-Pacific for Interval International; Director of Product and Process Development for the vacation subsidiary of Marriott International; and Business Analyst for Disney Development Company, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company.

A former board member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, he has also served on industry associations, committees and panels throughout his career. A licensed private pilot, he is also an avid amateur mountaineer with climbing experience on five continents. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, Western Europe, North America and the Pacific Islands.

He is currently active as an assistant scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America and as a volunteer with his church, and has been involved with Junior Achievement, Big Brothers, school advisory councils and the Humane Society. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Maryland in College Park and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

  • M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration in Business Administration, University of Central Florida

  • Private Pilot - Federal Aviation Administration

  • EC 200: An Economic Survey
  • EC 211: Macroeconomics
  • EC 210: Microeconomics
  • EC 399: Special Topics in Economics
  • EC 299: Special Topics in Economics
  • BA 399: Special Topics in Management

EC 200 - An Economic Survey

EC 210 - Microeconomics

EC 211 - Macroeconomics

EC 299/399 - Special Topics in Economics

BA 332 - Corporate Finance

BA 299/399 - Special Topics in Business

HON 250 - Honors Seminar II

BA 201 - Principles of Management