Richard Boxwell

Adjunct Instructor I
Department of Engineering and Technology
College of Aviation

Mr. Boxwell has over 39 years of professional aerospace work experience in materials engineering, manufacturing process development, mechanical test, and teaching applied materials science. This experience was obtained from work on programs for the Missile Defense Agency, Air Force, Navy, and NASA during his career. These skills have application with metals, composites, polymers, and ceramics along with their associated manufacturing processes. Mr. Boxwell specialized within the polymer composites field, but tasks involving metallurgy, ceramics, electrical coatings, and smart & nano-sized materials have played a crucial role in shaping his philosophies as a materials engineer. These skills have been developed & fined tuned to solve todays technical challenges and guide future generations of engineers within the work force.

  • M.S. - Master of Science in Materials Engineering, Auburn University Main Campus

ETEC 310 Materials Science for Engineering Technology

ESCI 325 Materials and Structures