Richard Luther Pearson

Assistant Professor
Physical Sciences Department
College of Arts & Sciences

Office Hours

MWF 11am-12pm, T 9:30-10:30am, or by appointment

Areas of Expertise

Physics & Astronomy Education Research (PER/AER), astronomy
Richard Luther Pearson

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, University of Denver
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University

  • PS 150: Physics for Engineers I
  • PS 227: Physics II

PS 113

PS 150

PS 224L

PS 250

PS 318

EP 345


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(recent) POSTERS

J. Breakall, S. Logan, B. Pyper, R. Pearson, W. Adams (2020) "Faculty's Perceptions of 7-12 Teaching as a Career: Changing the Conversation Around Physics Teacher Recruitment," PhysTEC conference, PS.09.

R. Pearson III, B. Armentrout, M. Farooq, J. Hughes, T. Oswalt (2020) "Improving Student Success in Introductory Physics Courses at ERAU," AAPT W20, PST1A03.

R. Pearson III, C. Rhorbacher (2020) "Case Study of SRL and the CLASS in Introductory Physics Courses," AAPT W20, PST1A04.

R. Pearson III, S. Logan, W. Adams (2020) "Understanding the Perception Radar Plots of the PTaP & PTaP.HE," AAPT W20, PST2A14.


R. Pearson III, S. Logan, W. Adams (2020) "GFO PTaP 2019: Preliminary Scores and Analysis," AAPT W20, CC07.

W. Adams, S. Logan, R. Pearson III (2020) "Research Design of the Get the Facts Out Project," AAPT W20, DB01.

B. Pyper, S. Logan, R. Pearson III, W. Adams (2020) "Statistical analyses of the PTaP.HE, a faculty perceptions instrument," AAPT W20, DB03

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