Saeed Rajput

Associate Professor Cyber Security
Cyber Intelligence & Security Department
Prescott College of Security & Intelligence
Prescott campus

Areas of Expertise

Security, Cloud, Patterns, Machine Learning and Communications.

Dr. Rajput acquired his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in EE Communications in 1992 as a student of Dr. Lloyd Welch. He has three patents and several publications. While he held senior security related positions in several companies including Racal Datacom, he has also lectured as adjunct/visiting professor at University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University and several Universities abroad. He has two decades of years of diverse product development experience. He became a full-time faculty member at Nova Southeastern University in 2006. At NSU he managed Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics programs as Assistant Director in the Division of Math, Science, and Technology. He retired as Full Professor from NSU in 2017. Currently, he is serving as Chief Science Officer at Cloutel LLC, Denver,  He is a senior member of the IEEE.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California
  • M.S. - Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California
  • M. - Master in Electronic Engineering, Philips International Institute of Technological Studies

  • CS 303: Network Security
  • CI 490: Cyber Capstone Project
  • CI 311: Securing Computer Networks


  • Signals and Systems (EENG 3310 at NSU)

  • Object Oriented Design (CSIS 3460 at NSU)

  • VLSI Design (CENG 4750 at NSU)

  • Electrical Circuits (EENG 2710 at NSU)

  • Network Security (CSIS 4500 at NSU)

  • Computer Security (CSIS 4010 at NSU)

  • Fundamentals of Computer Programming (CSIS 2101 at NSU)

  • Networks and Data Communications (CSIS 3500 at NSU)

  • Discrete Mathematics (CSIS 2050 at NSU)

  • Design Patterns (CSIS 4100 at NSU)

  • Beyond Web (UNIV 1110 at NSU)

  • Linear Algebra (MATH 3300 at NSU)

  • Unix Operating System Environment (CSIS 4840 at NSU)

  • Introduction to Neural Networks (CAP 5615: at FAU)

  • Foundations of Computer Science (COT 3002: at FAU)

  • Web Services, (COT 4930/COT 5930: at FAU)

  • Wireless Networks (EEN594: at UM)

  • Computer Communication Networks (EEN 534 at UM)

  • Medical Informatics (RAD 604 at UM)

  • Computerized Patient Records (RAD 608 at UM)

  • Advisor for 16 Distinct Directed Projects at NSU

  • Advisor for 16 Internships at NSU

Other Courses Taught

            Taught following course at Lynn University
    • BUS322: Business Analytics Using Excel Modeling

Taught following courses at Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

    • COT4400: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

    • EGN1002: Fundamentals of Engineering

    • COP3813: Internet Computing (Web development)

    • COP3014: Foundation of Computer Science (C++)

    • COP2220: Introduction to Programming in C

    • COT5930 & CIS 4363: Data and Network Security

    • COT 5930 & COT 4930: Network Security

    • COP 4331 Object Oriented Design and Programming

    • COP3530 Data Structures

Taught following courses at Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

    • CISC 0502 Mathematics in Computing

    • CSIS 3100 Computer Programming II

    • CSIS3023 Legal & Ethical Aspects of Comp.

    • CSIS3810 Operating System Concepts

    • CSIS 2950 Computer Programming I (C++)

            Taught following courses at University of Miami (UM)

    • EEN 404 Communication Systems

    • EEN 594 Wireless Networks

    • EEN534: Computer Communication Networks

Taught following courses at NUST

    • Analysis of Stochastic Systems (Graduate)

    • Advanced Analog Filters (Graduate)

    • Communication Systems (Undergraduate)

    • Digital Signal Processing (Undergraduate)

    • Analog Circuit Theory (Undergraduate)

    • EM Theory (Undergraduate)

Taught following course at QU

    • Random Processes (Graduate)

Taught following course at UET

    • Digital Signal Processing (Graduate)

    • Electrical Machine (Undergraduate)

    • Logic Design (Undergraduate)

Taught following courses at WCU (Los Angeles)

    • Probability Theory (Graduate)

    • Random Processes (Graduate)

    • Error Correcting Codes (Graduate)

    • Digital Signal Processing (Graduate)

    • Digital Communications I (Graduate)

    • Digital Communications II (Graduate)

    • Communications in Noise (Graduate)

    • Kalman Filtering (Graduate

Recitation Instructor (TA) at USC

  • Probability Theory (Graduate)
  • Random Processes (Graduate)

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Dr. Rajput’s research and development experience include leading a team of software creators to develop secure computer network systems enabling Radiologists and Physicians of Jackson Medical Center to exchange multimedia healthcare information; Managing the development of a centralized ATMS; Maintaining Digital Signal Processing Laboratory and working on research sponsored by NASA-Lewis; Simulating and implementing communication receivers based on Viterbi Detector.


Senior member IEEE

Scholarship for Ph.D. in the U.S. based upon nation-wide competitive exam

Scholarship for MS in The Netherlands, awarded by Philips based on nation-wide competitive exam

“Distinction” in Masters’ degree

Awarded ‘Honors” Bachelors’ degree

Third position in the university at UET