Shafagh Jafer

Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept
College of Engineering
Shafagh Jafer

Dr. Shafagh Jafer is an Assistant Professor of Software Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, FL. She received her Ph.D. Degree in Computer Engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in 2011 where she was awarded the Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement for her doctoral thesis on large-scale parallel simulation. For the past eight years she has been conducting research on discrete-event modeling and simulation, distributed and parallel simulation, software engineering, and integrated modeling environments. Dr. Jafer has been previously involved in projects dealing with modeling and simulation of natural disasters as well as emergency response to natural fire. She is currently conducting research in disaster engineering, modeling and simulation in aviation, and large-scale NAS (National Airspace System) data analysis. 

Dr. Jafer has served as committee member and organizer of the Annual Spring Simulation conference, and she is now the co-chair of the Annual Simulation Symposium (ANSS). She will be serving as the Proceedings Chair of the Spring Simulation 2015 conference. Dr. Jafer values and promotes women in Science and Technology and is an active member of the SWE and IEEE WIE.

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carleton University
  • M. - Master in Electrical Engineering, Carleton University
  • B.Eng. - Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering, Carleton University

  • CEC 500: Engin Project Management
  • SE 510: Software Project Management

SE300, SE420, SE610, SE555

Articles in Journals
  • S. Jafer, Q. Liu, and G. Wainer. “Synchronization Methods in Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation “. Elsevier (SIMPAT), 2012.
  • S. Jafer, and G. Wainer. “Parallel Algorithms for Cellular Models Simulation”. Parallel Processing Letters (PPL) Journal, International Conference on Unconventional Computation, 2007.
Book Chapters

  • G. Wainer, Q. Liu, and S. Jafer, “Parallel Simulation of DEVS and Cell-DEVS models in CD++”. In Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: Theory and Applications, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, pp. 226-272, 2010.

Articles in Conference Proceedings
  • M. Moallemi, G. Wainer, and S. Jafer. “Simulation of Mobile Networks using Discrete Event System Specification Theory”. Proceedings of the Springsim ’13 Multiconference, San Diego. 2013.
  • S. Jafer, Y. Jafer, and G. Wainer. “Data Mining with Cellular Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation”. Proceedings of the Springsim ’12 Multiconference, Orlando. 2012.
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  • S. Jafer, and G. Wainer. “Advanced Parallel/Distributed Simulation Benchmark for Cellular Models”. Poster In Proceedings of AI/ GI/ CRV/ IS Annual Conference, Windsor, May 2008.
  • Al-aubidy, B., Dias A.,  Bain R.,  Jafer, S.,  M. Dumontier, G. Wainer, and J. Cheetham. “Advanced DEVS models with applications to biomedicine”. In Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Planning, Buenos Aires, Argentina. AIS 2007.
  • S. Jafer, and G. Wainer. “An Environment for Advanced Parallel Simulation of Cellular Models”. In Proceedings of The International Conference on Unconventional Computation – UC’07. August 2007.

Assistant Professor, Software Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI                Aug. 2012 – May 2013
Assistant Professor, Software Engineering, University of Virginia, Wise, VI                                                   Aug. 2011 - May 2012

  • Program co-chair of the Annual Simulation Symposium of the Spring Simulation Conference (2014) and Co-chair of Spring Simulation Conference (2013 and 2012) Poster & Work-In-Progress Track.
  • Program Committee member for Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation - DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium since 2012.
  • Member of  IEEE, IEEE WIE (Women in Engineering), ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education), SWE (Society of Women Engineers).
  • Technical Reviewer and Evaluator of two NSF projects: DUE Case Study project, and the Software Engineering Competency Model, 2013.
  • Program Committee member of the SIMULTECH 2014 conference.
  • Collaborated and assisted various graduate students and visiting scholars in their modeling and simulation research projects, including graduate students from Carleton University, Ottawa (2007-2011), ETS Informatica, Madrid, Spain (2007), The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA), France, (2009), as well as visiting scholars from The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA), France, (2007 and 2009).  
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