Timothy Smith

Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Department
Daytona College of Arts & Sciences

Office Hours

Open door most of the times except when I'm teaching; for guaranteed office hours please see your syllabus or drop me an email/phone message to set a time.
Timothy Smith

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics, Florida Institute of Technology

  • MA 490: Capstone Project
  • MA 412: Probability and Statistics

MA111,112,120,140,142,241-3,345,350,441,442,502 & MA 499/599 directed study (independent research)

• T. Smith, “A study on the affect on distractive algebra in teaching higher mathematics to non technical college students,” East Journal of Mathematics Education, 2010
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• S. Sajjadi, T. Smith, “On stability fpr a BBM type equation of viscous shallow water waves,” advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics,  2013
• T. Smith, E. Subasi, “A regression model to investiage the performance of the Blac-Sholes in real time using macroeconomic predictors,” international journal of mathematical trends and technology, 2013
• T. Smith, A Hawkins, “An economic regression model to predict market movements,”  international journal of mathematical trends and technology, 2014
• S. Sajjadi, T Smith, “Exact analytical solution to Kortewg-deVries on viscous liquid,” journal of fluid mechanics, in progress 2015.

Selected Publications -T. Kiguradze, T. Smith, On doubly periodic solutions of quasilinear hyperbolic equations of the fourth order, proceedings of the 2005 Conference of Difference and Differential Equations and applications, HINDAWI, New York 2005.
-R. Agarwal, S. Grace, T. Smith, Oscillation Criteria for first-order forced nonlinear difference equations, Advances in Difference Equations (volume 2006), HINDAWI, New York 2006. http://hindawi.com
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Current:(Aug 2006 - present) Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Embry Riddle University-Daytona Beach Florida. Prior (2005 - 2006) Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Daytona Beach State College-Daytona Beach Florida. Prior (2002 - 2006) Teaching Assistant / Lecture, Florida Institute of Technology-Melbourne Florida