Warren Edick II

Adjunct Instructor I
Department of Humanities & Communication
College of Arts & Sciences

Bio:   I was born and raised in Germany where I received my first degree in higher education, namely, the German equivalent of an AA in the Social Sciences and Geography. In the nineties I completed the BA in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Philosophy and in 2005 I earned the MA in Philosophy. 2009-2010 I engaged into post graduate studies and became an Ignatian Faculty Scholar.

I teach philosophy both in the classroom and online. The courses I teach and have taught are Introduction to PhilosophyEthicsComparative ReligionLogicCritical Reasoning and LogicElements of a Successful ArgumentThe Meaning of LifeClassical Philosophy/Ancient Greek Philosophy, Persons and Conduct and Leading Lives that Matter. Besides teaching I am engaged in personal research within my field and the most recent book I have authored is entitled The Clearing in the Wood which explores the meaning of life in the form of a fictional novella.

During graduate school I was labeled a linguist by the faculty. One may expect much linguistic analysis from me, that is, however, not merely meaningful but also fun and entertaining. I am fluent in English and German, semi-fluent in French (I have lived in France four times as an exchange student many years ago), and I have studied Latin since childhood and have engaged in graduate-level work in Palavi, Avestan, Sanskrit, and ancient Greek.

My educational travels have included but are not limited to: Africa, The Middle East, India, Asia, The Americas, Yugoslavia, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, England, France, and Germany.

My hobby is hiking with my family and our black lab mix Forest. Most of our hiking is off trail where we venture deep into the backcountry of our National Forests for multiple day and night treks. Also, I love classical music in general and medieval hymns in particular. And lastly, much of my time is spent in my personal library that contains many works that are very dear to me.

Warren Edick

  • M.A. - Master of Arts in Philosophy, Colorado State University

  • HUMN 330: Values and Ethics