Shigeo Hayashibara

Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Department
College of Engineering

Areas of Expertise

Aerodynamics, Aircraft Flight Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal-Fluid Sciences
Shigeo Hayashibara

  • Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering, Wichita State University
  • M.S. - Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, University of Southern California
  • B.S. - Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Wichita State University

  • AE 301: Aerodynamics I
  • ES 312: Energy Transfer Fundamentals
  • ES 206: Fluid Mechanics
  • ES 308: Intro Comput Fluid Dynamics
  • ES 399: Special Topics in Engin Sci

ES202/206: Solid Mechanics / Fluid Mechanics

AE301: Aerodynamics

ES305/312: Thermodynamics / Heat Transfer Fundamentals

ES 307/L: Engineering Materials Science with Laboratory

ES308: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

AE399/499: Applied CFD / Advanced CFD

AE 420/421: Aircraft Preliminary Design / Aircraft Detail Design

Tyler Eiguren and Shigeo Hayashibara, “Supersonic Advanced Trainer Aerodynamics,” 55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (Gaylord TX), January 2017 (to be published).

Michael Richey / Steve Gorrell / Carl Johnson / John Sullivan / Shigeo Hayashibara (Boeing AerosPACE), “Multi-University and Industrial Collaboration for Senior Capstone Design Program,” The Boeing Company / BYU / Georgia Tech / Purdue (The Boeing AerosPACE 2013-14), ASEE 2014 Annual Conference (Indianapolis, IN), June 2014

Shigeo Hayashibara, “Boeing AerosPACE “Lessons Learned” from 2013-14 Program,” Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) 2014, September 2014.

Young B., and Hayashibara S., “Multi and Single Zone Meshing on the DU97 Flatback Airfoil,” 2013 AIAA Region VI Student Conference, March 2013.

Caraway D., and Hayashibara S., “Circulation Control over a Circular Cylinder by Tangential Blowing,” 6th AIAA Flow Control Conference (New Orleans, LA), AIAA-2012-3044, June 2012.

2022-Current: Professor of Aerospace Engineering

2008-2022: Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering

2003-2008: Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering

1987-1992: Automotive Engineer at Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd. (Osaka, Japan)

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers (ERAU Student Chapter, Faculty Adviser)

AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Senior Member)

ASEE American Society for Engineering Education (Professional Member)

Sigma Gamma Tau (The Honor Society of Aerospace Engineers)

Tau Beta Pi (The Honor Society of Engineers)

Phi Kappa Phi (ERAU Chapter, Faculty Adviser) 

ERAU Outstanding Faculty Service Award (2010)

ERAU College of Engineering Researcher of the Year (2007)

Wichita State University Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award (2003)

Wichita State University Dora Wallace Hodgson Memorial Outstanding Doctoral Student Awards and Scholarships (1999 & 2003)

University of Southern California Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistantship Award (1997)

Wichita State University Outstanding Graduating Senior Student Award (1996)