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  • Blaise Phillip Waguespack
    Professor of Marketing
    Management, Marketing and Operations Department
    Ph.D., University of North Texas
    M.B.A., B.A., Nicholls State University
  • Adjunct Faculty, Gaetz Aerospace Institute - Duval County
    Gaetz Aerospace Institute (GAI)
    M.S., B.S., Florida State University
  • Ronald Wakeham
    Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences; Department Chair, Security and Emergency Services
    Security and Emergency Services
    D.P.A., Nova Southeastern University
    M.P.A., Old Dominion University
    B.S., Christopher Newport University
    A.A.S., Virginia Community College System : Tidewater Community College
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Department of Graduate Studies
    D.Mgt., M.S., University of Maryland System : University College
  • William Waldock
    Professor Safety Science
    Behavioral and Safety Science Department
    M.A.S., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    B.A., University of Florida
  • Instructional Specialist
    First Year Programs
    M.S., B.S., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Department of Mathematics,Physical & Life Sciences
    Ph.D., University of New Mexico
    M.S., University of Louisville
  • Bradley Wall
    Associate Professor Aerospace Engineering
    Aerospace Engineering Department
    Ph.D., M.S., University of Illinois System : Urbana-Champaign
  • Adjunct Instructor
    Department of Mathematics,Physical & Life Sciences
    M.S., B.S., University of Texas System : Tyler
  • Adjunct Instructor
    Department of Mathematics,Physical & Life Sciences
    M.A.S., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    M., Marine Corps University
    B.S., University of Wisconsin System : Madison
  • Adjunct Instructor
    Department of Business Administration
    M.B.A., Michigan State University
  • Colleen Walsh-Conklin
    Assistant Professor and Director, Gaetz Aerospace Institute
    Gaetz Aerospace Institute (GAI)
    M.S., City University of New York System : City College
  • Tommy Walter
    Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences and Discipline Chair, Government & History
    Department of Social Sciences & Economics
    Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
  • Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC
    Air Force ROTC Department
    M.A., Webster University
  • Robert Walton
    Associate Professor, College of Business; Executive Director, Department of Campus Operations - International
    Department of Decision Sciences
    Ph.D., Northcentral University
    M.A.S., M.S., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    M.B.A., Sacred Heart University
    B.A., University of North Carolina System : Wilmington
  • Keke Wang
    Assistant Professor Mathematics
    Mathematics Department
    Ph.D., West Virginia University
  • Adjunct Instructor
    Department of English, Humanities & Communications
    M.B.A., M.A., B.S., National University
  • Adjunct Faculty
    Humanities and Communication Department
    M.A., B.A., University of South Florida
  • Daryl Watkins
    Associate Professor and Associate Dean, College of Business; Discipline Chair, Organization Development
    Department of Organizational Leadership
    D.Mgt., University of Phoenix
    M.B.A., University of California System : Irvine
    B.S., United States Naval Academy
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Department of Organizational Leadership
    Ed.D., University of California System : Irvine
    M.A., Claremont Graduate University

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